Caption Contest 93 Winner!

Thanks to everyone who shared their wit with us for Caption Contest 93! I've put together the Finalists after the jump, and then at the end I'll announce which of them is the overall winner.

First, though, I wanted to say "Welcome back!" to longtime poster Gargoyle323, who showed up to enter after a somewhat lengthy absence. Nice to have you back!

Second, although it was too long to fit in the balloon and thus is ineligible, I thought CPrime's Green Lantern homage was quite amusing:

In brightest day, in darkest dusk.
Captain Triumph does what he must.
Let those who worship evil recant.
Beware the Triumph… of my equestrian pants!

Now, on to your Finalists!

Niall Mor: I meant to do that!

The Atomic Punk: I shall avenge you, other 11 Lords a’leaping!

Joel: “Now on to my next great adventure!”

frankie: “up, up and getawaaayyy!”

Boomcow2: “You all saw it! That orphanage attacked me!”

zombotron: Oops.

Skybandit: Practice makes perfect! I’ll catch the NEXT bomb!

All very funny, as you can see. But only one made laugh even on repeated viewings, and that one was ... Boomcow2! Just the combination of claiming you were attacked by a building, and for that building to be an orphanage, while you flee the flames, that's awesome. Boomcow2, you win your choice of either a portrait or item to appear in HM3, or a "Sketch of the Day" style black and white illustration where you pick the subject and I draw it however it strikes my fancy.

If you can't think of an item you'd want, you can also just request whatever the next item on the "Replacement Prize" list is.

Thanks again to all who entered and to Glenn3 for providing the panel!

15 Responses to Caption Contest 93 Winner!

  1. Joshua says:


  2. Tim says:

    Congrats Boomcow2!

  3. Niall Mor says:

    I’d like to thank the Academy. It’s an honor just to be nominated, blah, blah, blah, blah . . . Congratulations, BoomCow.

  4. Nick Hentschel says:

    Thank you all for not trying the obvious “explosive” fart jokes!

  5. Gargoyle323 says:

    Congrats Boomcow2 and to all other finalists!

    Also,thanks Jeff for the welcome back! It is good to be back after being in the hospital and physical rehab since the end of November. I hope to be back posting on a more regular basis!

  6. Joel says:

    great job all around

  7. Congrats, Boomcow2! That caption is perfect.

    My first as a Caption Contest Finalist. Yes!

  8. CPrime says:

    Ineligible? It’s called a smaller font, Jeff!

    Oh well, at least I got recognition for it. Which is more than I’ve ever gotten in any caption contest. Congrats Boomcow.

  9. Myro says:

    Gargoyle323 (5): I noticed you not being here, but somehow missed you returning. Welcome back, and glad to hear you’re returning to good health.

  10. Jeff Hebert says:

    I tried CPrime, believe me! Once I got down to 10 point it was basically illegible and still didn’t really fit. Bummer, I know, but I did give it my all!

  11. CPrime says:

    I know man. I’m just kidding. Thanks for the shoutout though.

  12. X-stacy says:

    Looking for Group homage? Nice. And, oh so perfect for that panel.

  13. Gargoyle323 says:

    Myro(9)-Thanks! It’s nice to be back!

  14. Nicholas/GtaMythMaster43 says:


  15. Fyzza says:

    Congrats, Boomcow!