RP: Budget cuts hit the fire department hard

(From "Super Mystery Comics" number 4, 1940.)

7 Responses to RP: Budget cuts hit the fire department hard

  1. Brad says:

    Hey, when it ‘splodes, there won’t be nothin’ left to rescue! Let us do our jobs!

  2. spidercow2010 says:

    Mr. Green-Jumpsuit’s hair appears to be on fire

  3. Brad says:

    The Fabulous flying bangs of Francesco Frederickson! Fearful follicles of fantastic finess! Flip that hair, you fancy phantasm!

    I hope everyone enjoyed reading that as much as I did typing it.

  4. Brad says:

    Suddenly I’m reminded of classic Kirby enemy, Burnin’ Leo:


  5. Joshua says:

    @spidercow2010– Would it be in bad taste to say Mr. Green was filming a Pepsi commercial? (It should be stated for the record that I love Michael Jackson. Rest in peace, your majesty.) 🙂

  6. Brad says:

    Suddenly I feel like the Hulk. “Brad not follow.”

  7. Nick Hentschel says:

    Could this panel be what preceded, “BAWHOOM!”?