RP: Safe word! Safe word!!

(From "Four Favorites" number 14.)

5 Responses to RP: Safe word! Safe word!!

  1. William A. Peterson says:

    What safe word? All he has to do is follow orders, and the guy in chains will unwrap his legs from around his neck…
    Sheesh! You’d think this was unusual, or something! :->

  2. Bael says:

    Wikipedia tells me this is called “topping from the bottom”, and is considered bad form.

    Don’t ask how I ended up on that entry to begin with.

  3. Amscray says:

    Kinky moves from Canibal Starfish, er, I mean Captain Courageous.

  4. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Lethal Weapon totally ripped off Captain Starface!

  5. TheRandomHERO says:

    You know a quick jab to the groin from the keys would sure stop Star Face Man.