RP: Hitler’s priorities according to comics

(From "The Secret Voice" number 1, 1945.)

12 Responses to RP: Hitler’s priorities according to comics

  1. Dr. Shrinker says:

    Looks just like my bomb shelter.

  2. C. Baize says:

    Hitler was an idiot… who in their right mind would store the booze that far away from the vault?

  3. remy says:

    I like how the 5 mile mark is represented by a line, suggesting it goes on forever in both directions. Also, I wonder if any KNOWN weapons can reach him there

  4. warpig says:

    @remy an MOAB bomb or bunker buster might do it and if not, “if a problem comes along, you can nuke it”

  5. William A. Peterson says:

    They didn’t HAVE too many Nukes back then, and even so, the nukes of the day would have a great deal of trouble penetrating even 500 yards of earth, much less 5 miles!

  6. Kalkin says:

    I have to admit the guy is well prepared. These days dictators have disappointing bunkers managing only couple of dozen meters of concrete above them and in general no ambition in building memorable secret bases. I don’t think there is single real life dictator that built a secret base in an inactive volcano or on the backside of the Moon.

  7. Fendaan says:

    I know. Most real dictators have no imagination… But that may be why they became dictators in the first place. If you actually considered building a secret base in an inactive volcano, wouldn’t you probably put that creativity to a more benevolent use? Like building giant killer robots?

  8. Joke’s on Hitler. Notice the elevator doesn’t appear to have any stops. It’s one continuous shaft. Cut the pulley and splat!

  9. remy says:

    @Kalkin Well as far as we know…after all, if we knew about their secret bases, they wouldn’t be secret

  10. The Imp says:

    I suspect poor planning… who puts the bomb storage under the beer and wine?

    Also, where’s the schnapps?

  11. Fendaan says:

    @Imp Well, the schapps is in the secret vault with Hitler, duh.

  12. knight1192a says:

    The wine and beer storage is an obvious trap. Hitler’s trying to lure unsuspecting soldiers to their deaths. They finish off the wine then move on to the beer, at which point the bombs are triggered. But he’s overlooked something, that elevator shaft is a clear means of finding him.