Recipe: Captain Morgan

Many thanks to Imp for putting together this most excellent guide to posing a character in HM3 with the classic "one leg propped up" pose. Be sure to let him know in the comments if you find this helpful!

5 Responses to Recipe: Captain Morgan

  1. MartianBlue says:

    That’s great.
    Exactly how I used to do it(leg bent). Now I personally just use the lower leg, from male spandex

    Either way, great job Imp!

  2. Worf says:

    @Imp: Great job. A personal note of mine, for a step like B1, I prefer to mask the lower leg onto a rectangle and send that rectangle to the last layer…. That way I never have to worry about coloring it to match (specially if I want a more detailed background).

  3. The Imp says:

    Ah, that’s a good idea too, Worf.

  4. Chisoph says:

    Not helpful per se, but I did wonder how he did it. I tried to.