Killraven? Or Killfashion?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you what may be the worst costume in the history of super-hero comics:

As you can see from the cover, that's Marvel Comics' "Killraven", sporting a San Francisco Gay Pride Parade-worthy outfit featuring leather suspenders AND leather hot pants AND leather thigh boots AND a mini-corset string set AND an Eighties workout headband AND a mullet AND roll-top gloves.

That's a lot of suck to go into a costume that contains a total of, at the outside, three square inches of fabric.

Why would you even need suspenders to hold up those short-shorts? Did the copious use of alternate-future Nair-like hair removal products result in a man-region so slick it sheds clothing like water off a duck's butt?

I'll give him this, though -- he's a lot manlier than I am, because if I tried to wear leather suspenders with no undershirt, my nipples would be chafed absolutely raw. But not Killraven; sore man-nips or not, he's as bold in his fashion sense as he is in combat, what with his innovative "swords versus laser beams" strategy and all.

I said he was manly, not smart.

(Image and character © Marvel Comics.)