RP: Oh my …

(From "Four Favorites" number 9, 1943.)

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  1. X-stacy says:

    It’s…it’s for the best, really.

  2. Amscray says:

    SO! Who are the other three favorites? And someone explain the tactical flesh-colored pants Mr. Zipper is wearing.

  3. Jeff Hebert says:

    I love this panel so much. Is he the worst flasher in the world, using gas bombs that obscure vision while prepping for his big voyeuristic crime? Or is he the BEST flasher in the world, whose indiscriminate trouser-dropping is so incredible he literally blinds those who gaze upon his unclothed glory?

    In reality, things are sadly not as interesting. The guy in green is actually “The Clown”, and the hidden zipper in his costume somehow transforms his duds from clown to business suit for a quick getaway. I don’t know HOW it does that, but apparently this is one magic zipper, folks.

    Of course, he’s still wearing a domino mask and his head is undisguised, but apparently the dim-witted crime-fighters of the 1940s were unable to penetrate something so baffling as clothing to ID a perp.

    Amscray, the eponymous “Four Favorites” are Lash Lightning, Magno (& Davey), The Unknown Soldier, and Captain Courageous. It was a book put out by Ace Comics in the Forties that featured their most popular characters all in one place, a fairly common tactic of the era for pumping up sales.

  4. Amscray says:

    Cool! Like Marvel Tales used to. Waitaminnit, Are these the same supers that DC picked up later? I bets they done is, too ya betcha uh huh.

  5. Wow….this panel…is……just, wow….

  6. Zforce says:

    I Lol’d @ the title… enter random George Takei reference here.

  7. Wesley Belk says:

    What you haven’t seen… CAN be unseen! lol! This is great! Magic zippers FTW!

  8. Zforce, you noticed the reffrence aswell?

  9. frankie says:

    That’s because your hands are covering them. I’d expect that from a blonde, but not a brunette. Shame on you.