RP: Then I’m gonna snort a gopher!

(From "Four Favorites" number 7.)

5 Responses to RP: Then I’m gonna snort a gopher!

  1. Dr. Shrinker says:

    The tip off was they didn’t have a television tuned to FOX News inside.

  2. Myro says:

    Wow, how this canteen hasn`t gotten shut down by the health inspector, I`ll never know.

  3. Dan Gonzalez says:

    You can always tell the best places to eat by the mushrooms on the roof.

  4. Rendu says:

    When will kids learn? Sniffing rodents doesn’t make you cool!

  5. Loki says:

    Oh Wolverine, how horrid it was to get by that one time as the pest control guy.