Friday Night Fights 2 Play-in Cage Match!

The hour has arrived, my friends, to see who will be participating in the round-robin head-to-head Friday Night Fights matchups. What you are about to witness is an all-against-all cage match pitting 21 versions of a "Space-Based Robin Hood" character based on the Sheriff of Nottingham. The top 16 vote-getters as of next Thursday at midnight will be slotted into a bracket in the traditional 16-vs-1, 15-vs-2 tournament fashion, with the creator who got the most votes being seeded first, the second-most votes seeded second, etc.

But first, we have to pick the best sixteen character images out of the twenty-one submitted, and that's where you -- yes, you there! -- come in.

I have put each character alongside his or her or its individual story (if the creator provided one) so you can find out a little more about what's behind the concept. I highly encourage you to read those as they are a) entertaining and b) key to understanding what the creator did in some cases.

After that you'll find a poll showing all twenty-one entries; vote for up to sixteen characters you like the most, and you can click on an image to see it at a larger size.

Because this version of Friday Night Fights required a cohesive vision unifying the characters in each set, I am providing the creator's online name with each entry. Last time it was all anonymous, but that just doesn't make sense in this format.

Good luck to everyone, and I hope the rest of you have fun seeing what they've come up with!

Note: You can click on each character to see it on its own page and, if it had to be resized to fit here, at its original size. (it also has the character images, but not the stories).

AJW - Darth Dreadas

The sith are sparse and the empire dissolved the galactic republic clings to control over the galaxies criminal underworld.

Sheriff: A deveronian sith the sheriff was raised with hatred for life , at least anything but its pleasures, when his higher ups heard that Robin was fighting the trade, the sheriff took it upon himself to capture Robin and make an example the galaxy would acknowledge.

Alex - Sheriff of Nottingham

Robin Hood and his Merry men are rebels against the corrupt goverment of their star system "Kingdom". Robin and his friends travel ot the space ship "Loxley" fighting the evil tyrant John who pronounced himself King of the star system. Their base is hidden in "Sherwood Forest" a meteorite field deep in the state of Nottingham.

Sheriff of Nottingham - He is the governor of Nottingham but the official title is Sheriff. He wants to find and apprehend Robin Hood and stop his rebelion because he wants a higher post in the government and is ready to do eniting for more power. He he also abuses his post to get more riches and influence.

Atomic Punk - Sheriff of Nottingham

Humanity has been established among the stars for centuries. Distances between the Known Systems are great. Wormholes are the most common form of interstellar travel. Various "gates" are posted throughout the galaxy. The gates enable passage through the wormholes. They also control interstellar commerce and politics.

The Known Systems are an amalgam of competing governments. The situation is such that contemporary historians compare their days to those of earth during the Common Era of the mid-16th and 17th Centuries in society and attitude. The Kingdom and the French Empire are two rival superpowers.
The stargates are known as "locks" in The Kingdom. The Kingdom controlled a solar system with a sizeable number of locks. So many, they named the host world "Loxlie." It was a major hub of interstellar traffic. Now the French Empire's L'Arme des toiles occupies Loxlie.

So are the times. His Majesty and his heir Prince John controlling The Kingdom and the Environs. The Sheriff controlling the Nottingham system, the Outlands, and the tributaries beyond the Pale, along with their untold wealth. The French Empire cutting access to Loxlie and its stargates to all of the Known Systems. Rumour has that L'Arme des toiles is amassing its forces on Loxlie in preparation for open war against The Kingdom. Other powers are appealling for peace, if not only so the French will re-open the trade lanes.

It is during these times, there lives a band of idealists and rogues who seek to overthrow the whole system. Robin Hood and his Merry Men are based in an underground complex somewhere within the Known Systems, possibly beyond the Pale. With interstellar war on the horizon, they fight on all fronts. Whether hacking computer systems, leading a protest in Trafalgar, duelling in aerospace, or slogging through the mud, they will fight.
One weapon that the Merry Men have acquired is the mecha. The anthropomorphic tanks that were once reserved for the warrior nobles known as Knights. Their appearance has become more common with the invention of Lancer Rooms. There is no longer need for on-board pilots with this virtual simulator. It allows a single pilot to control every aspect of a mecha through cybernetic interface from a secure location.

His Majesty originally entrusted the Sheriff to protect the mineral rich system of Nottingham and its trade routes. Though Nottingham has no habitable worlds, it is considered the Key to The Kingdom. Without its endless supplies of ores, gasses, and exotic materials, The Kingdom's star would surely fall.
By shrewdly manipulating finances and treaties, the Sheriff dominates several systems. In the Outlands, he speaks for His Majesty. Beyond the Pale, his word is Law. He keeps the Systems in line through political coalitions, heavy taxation, and brute force when necessary.
Nottingham is a master manipulator who plays all sides against each other. Though he has many enemies, his chief rival is His Majesty's son, Prince John. The two have been known to set aside their differences if only to fight King Louis XXXIV of the French Empire or that pesky rogue, Robin Hood.
Sheriff Nottingham rules the Systems from a palatial Dreadnaught class starship christened The Nottingham. One of the greatest vessels of any age, The Nottingham is a battleship and invasion platform. The complement of Royal Marines on board is vastly outnumbered by the Sheriff's own private army. The Sheriff's most elite force is his wing of Gisbourne-class LAMs (Land-Air Mechas).

Cliff - Sheriff of Nottingham

No story provided.

Danny Beaty - Sheriff of Nottingham

No story provided.

DiCicatriz - Imperial Preceptor of Nothingam

Once the Grand Imperial Preceptor of the Majestor's Special Forces, his devastating defeat at the hands of the traitor Robenne and the continuing loss of imperial supplies, has had him demoted to Preceptor of a particularly uninhabited region of the empire, dubbed Nothingam. Now his life's goal is the eradication of Robenne and his Outer World resistance forces. His previous encounters with Robenne resulted in the destruction of his Imperial Warship, he injuries sustained therein requiring cybernetic reconstruction.

Frevoli - Sheriff of Nottingham


The future. (2099, if you will)

On the planet New Nottingham.

Robert Benjamin Lok, the multi-billion heir of Lok Intergalactic, returns from war, after having been conscripted into the Peace Keepers force. He returns to find his father dead and his inheritance having been seized by the state. Whilst he was away, the quadrant's provisional government made a play for power and succeeded. The people are suffering due to increased taxation, and Rob has no power to help them. Whilst going through some of his family's treasures (having been thrown out by Lok Intergalactic's new C.E.O, Gigiz Bourne) he finds a book; Robin Hood, more man than myth - by William Lok (his father). From it he learns of the Robin Hood tale, and that he may even be a descendant of the man himself.

Right there, Rob is motivated to help the people as his ancestor did. Taking up base in amongst the the Sher trees; he crafts a costume using remnants his PKF uniform and whatever he can find / "borrow". Armed with proton arrows and a handy blade-bow, he then goes about avenging the people as... Robin Hood.

With this line-up; the Moral Economically Redistribution Revolution Yoke become loved by the people and loathed by the government - in particular, New Nottingham's self-appointed Sherif authority. For months, the men (and woman) of M.E.R.R.Y. are a thorne in his side, which burrows into a pain in his back. The latest in a series of traps he sets for them backfires, however this one results in them capturing him. After being held for a few days, the outlaws dicuss what to do with him; ransom, hostage, show trial. Until it seems they're decision is made for them, when Gigiz is annouced the new Sheriff. Rob, having observed the devestated at the speediness of replacal, desides to conscripe the (ex-)Sheriff into the group: attaching to his armour a charge - activated at signs of betrayal or Rob's death. So now forced to help his mortal enemy, saving the people whom he'd rather not... The Sheriff of Nottingham, completes the team.

Gargoyle323 - Sheriff of Nottingham

Lord Sheriff Supreme of the Nottingham Galaxy, his goal is to be the most powerful ruler in all the universe. His forces lay ruin to any planets they happen upon, leaving behind death and destruction. His ultimate prize is to capture the last remaining member of the House of Maid, Marian, from the planet Sherwood. She holds the secret to returning life to the worlds that have been destroyed. The Sheriff will stop at nothing to learn her secrets.

GeneH - Sith of Nottingham

No story provided.

Hammerknight - Sheriff of Nottingham

(This is an excerpt of a longer story.) In the year 2220 it became possible to travel at the speed of light. Each country on Earth began to explore apace looking for possible planets to colonize. Earth had run out of room. Every country was over populated. With new colonies on other planets, people were given the opportunity to grow their families. It didn't take long to find volunteers to colonize the new planets ...

... When the large businesses back on Earth found out how good trade was in the colonies, they decided they wanted their share. One of these businesses was the Sheriff Corp. The owner of the company was a worthless business man that had no feeling for the little man. If it wasn't making him money, he wanted it out of his way. Some say that his son was even worse, and that is why Jr was sent to Nottingham.

Haxxx - Sheriff of Nottingham

Many Years from now, in the skies above the planet of E'ngl-and, in the Nottingham system, in the Sherwood Nebula a Steedship was traveling. "All systems are ready Robin. We should be OK to land in the next half an hour" said Little John, the Starbridge keeper. Robin of the planet Loxley stood on the command bridge and smiled at the potential gain, "Tonight, my friend, we'll raid the castle of the puny king of this planet, and tomorrow..." but Robin's words were cut short by a rough shake that knocked him off his feet and into a chair, "What was that?" asked the stunted Robin. At that moment another shake and the com-link light blinked rapidly. "Opening the com-link", said John as he pushed the speaker button. An image of green eyes appeared on the black screen, "This is the Sheriff of the Nottingham system. Consider yourself surrounded and boarded. Surrender now Robin of Loxley." …

The robotic Sheriff is cold and calculated, obeying all the orders of the current ruler. His dreadful eyes shine from the blank black screen and hunt Robin wherever he may go. Some say that the Sheriff's protocols had been so radically modified that his AI has gone mad. So mad infect that he actually is now pulling the strings on King John, his "master controller", to allow him to act on his own.

Imp - Sheriff of Nottingham

Setting: This is a neo-feudal/corporate-run galactic nation, the Terran Empire. Corporations have become the 'new nobility', with CEO, CFO, and other titles becoming hereditary. The Emperor himself is elected by the Grand Combine, a high council consisting of the CEOs of the most powerful corporations. The Emperor serves for life unless he gets voted out on a 'no confidence' vote by 85% of the Combine. For the last fifteen years, the Empire has been at war with the Gath, an alien stellar nation with similar technological levels and motivations as the humans. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a stalemate for the last decade. The current Emperor, Diarmid VIII, has been on crusade on the frontiers for the last nine years; despite continued calls for votes of no confidence, the Grand Combine has been unable to reach a majority. This had led to unrest and even outright rebellion in certain Imperial sectors as local despots seek to increase their own power at the expense of the citizenry...

Sheriff Roger Lacey: The Imperial Marshalls are the internal peace-keeping forces of the Empire. In this time of strife, certain Sheriffs (the heads of the various Sector Marshalls) have declared martial law... and sometimes worse. One of these is Roger Lacey, the Sheriff of Nottingham. No friend of the current Emperor (since Lacey's ancient House/Corporation was disgraced and disbanded two decades ago), Lacey has set himself up as the virtual dictator of two Sectors, Covington and Nottingham.

Jean - Commander Robert Renault of the Battleship Nottingham

Notes: My characters are based on the universes of Blake's 7 and Firefly, with a corrupt government but with no organized rebellion. The crew of the Sherwood aren't out for revenge or to overthrow anything, they just want to get by and live in peace.
One of the biggest threats to any civilization running on computers is viruses and cyber attacks. The Galactic Confederacy discovered this after hackers planted a virus in the military fleet. A tyrannical government was crippled overnight. But instead of trying to improve their AIs and strengthen their their networks the Confederacy went with something much simpler. Human intelligence. Brains that had been stripped of all memory and personality leaving only the intelligence and reasoning ability. The elderly and disabled were "volunteered" for the project and their brains used as computers to power ships and star bases after one of the Confederacy's scientists discovered that they were not affected by hackers. What no one bothered to ask was how the owners of the brains felt about this. Not all the volunteers were willing...

Second in command on the battleship Nottingham, Renault has considerable dislike for Locke, not the least reason being that he was passed over as captain of the Sherwood for him. His resentment has led him to try to apprehend Locke and his crew several time but so far without success.

Renault is smart and devious and believes he's a better leader than he really is. He resents having to be second to Captain Guy Brisbaine and will try to undermine the captain's orders if he thinks he ca get away with it. He's obsessed with capturing the Sherwood and will make any attempt to do so, even to the point of endangering his crew and command. (note:Robert de Rainault is one of several names given to the Sheriff and the one I've chosen as being the most accurate to the timeline.)

Jordanxord - Baron Mordach, Sheriff of Nottingham

By this time, Earth has survived great conflicts and tribulations. After the Last Great World War of 2250, the old governments were abolished and a new order was established. The new system turnes into a world democratic monarchy. By this time, contact has also been established with another worlds and cultures in the universe. In the year 2470, the Earth is known as the Earth Galactic Monarchy, and it is currently ruled by the benevolent King Richard, Lion of the Sun, of the House of Plantagenet, one of the ruling houses in this government, known as the Twelve Houses of the Grand Monarchy. The other houses being Locksley, Dubois, Wessex, Normandy, Anjou, York, Tudor, Stuart, Maine, Scotland and Eirelan. When the great King must leave to face the menace of war upon his reign, he leaves his trusted brother, Regent John the Ferocious, in the care of his people. The Regent has under his orders a ruthless warlord, Baron Mordach of Nottingham, which he appoints as Supreme Sheriff of Justice. When the Regent is kidnapped and murdered, the evil Sheriff takes over the Galactic Monarchy, with the forced support of all but two of the Twelve Houses; Locksley and Dubois refuse to support him because of the notable usurpation by the Baron. The Sheriff then discredits the rulers of both Houses, Lord Locksley and Lord Dubois, by framing them as traitors. When they face the capital punishment, the heirs of the Houses vow revenge on the evil Baron. These are Duke Robin Locksley and Countess Marian Dubois. Now, the vengeful heirs are an enemy to be reckoned with, since they step into the Baron´s plan to attain total domination. The Duke Robin is now the brave and daring defender of the downtrodden: Robin Hood!

Baron Mordach is the Master Warlord under the orders of Prince Regent John the Ferocious of the House of Plantagenet. He is recognized as a great warrior among his peers. On one ocassion, he suffered a terrible accident during a training exercise and he neeeded extensive surgery. He was rebuilt from scratch as a cyborg. When King Richard had to leave Earth, his master succeeded him as Supreme Ruler of the Earth Galactic Monarchy. The Baron conpsired to kidnap and murder the Prince Regent, and usurp the throne for himself. His plan to rule was compromised when the Houses of Locksley and Dubois rejected his rule. He killed the masters of this Houses and stregthened his rule. Now, he has a great obstacle in his iron reign; the brave warrior Robin Hood, who has sworn to stop the tyrant at any cost. Baron Mordach is a brilliant warlord and an extraordinary master strategist and tactician.

Kyle - Sheriff of Nottingham

No story provided.

Me, Myself, and I - Robin's Rifts: Sheriff of Nottingham

Our story begins with the invasion of a simple medieval world known to its inhabitants as Earth. The specific region is an island known as England. It happened in such a short time that the people of the region could barely piece together what was happening before they fell before the initial onslaught. What they could discern immediately was that they were being attacked by other people who possessed technology far surpassing what had ever been known prior. Their soldiers had strange projectiles that blew through the best armour as if it didn’t exist. They defeated the defenders in droves with merely a small contingent and seemed unstoppable. In retrospect, once things calmed down a bit they were able to piece together more detail and that detail is shared here below.

One Sherriff Left

That of course was from the perspective of the people from the medieval Earth; there was of course another perspective and that was from the invaders themselves. The invaders likewise came from Earth and in fact the very same island of England. This of course seems improbable without one vital piece of information. A few select people from this advanced world were shocked to learn that different dimensions not only existed but could be travelled to using some of the newest technology developed. The development was an accident really as they were actually trying to find a quicker way to get to other planets than with their current space transport. They had squandered their resources and despite their tremendous advances in technology were in danger of their civilization collapsing unless they could find ways to secure other sources of supply. As things were, it would take a dozen generations to get to a new inhabitable solar system to colonize and their civilization was likely to break into civil war far before then. Though the other planets of the Sol system still had some useful resources left they were difficult and dangerous to mine.

One of the unfortunate realizations of this discovery was that these other dimensions must have resources that were desperately needed in their world. It did not take long for a man named William Brewer, who was then the Sherriff of the metropolis of Nottingham, to realize the potential. He discretely seized the science facility and its support staff, under the protective umbrella of the law, where the technology had been developed. Of course he terrorized anyone aware of the new technology enough to prevent them from talking. Those that did not succumb to their fear simply went missing. The technology was far from completely understood so they had only managed to successfully transport to and from one other dimension. Naturally they called their own dimension the prime dimension where the new dimension was dubbed the mirror dimension. After some investigation William realized how inferior the Mirror dimensions technology really was and how week it would be. In less than a year William had amassed a mercenary company to invade the new dimension.

The Sherriff now had, what called ‘his scientists’, working on not only finding new dimensions but also weaponizing the technology. They were able to develop a sort of personal shield which sent incoming weaponry fire, be it energy weapons or old style slug projectiles, into the void between dimensions. This technology he likewise claimed for himself. As the Sherriff’s personal cybernetics had an immensely strong power source he was able to install the new dimensional shield on himself giving him incredible protection.

Except for the new dimensional armour, William outfitted all of his men with the best arms and armour available and sent them through the dimensional rift. Within the first week William met the mirror dimensions Sherriff of Nottingham; a man named William de Wendenal and his right hand Sir Guy of Gisbourne as the. William de Wendenal saw the way the tide was turning and, being a scheming man, went to offer his services to the other side. William Brewer was surprised to see how much like him this new man William was. The idea of two of him in the same dimension, scheming away, was rather scary really. William de Wendenal was slain that very afternoon leaving just one Sherriff of Nottingham.

At fist the plan went well, until The Sherriff ran afoul of a group of local dissidents who called themselves ‘The Merry Men’ of all things. They were supposedly led by an equally ridiculously named man called Robin ‘Hood’. These self professing freedom fighters kept steeling the resources that William’s men had been harvesting and their guerrilla tactics were becoming increasingly frustrating. He was going to have to start to escalate matters and set up a second residence in the mirror dimension to manage the affairs personally.

Myro - Captain Cheryl F. Nottingham

In the distant future, after man had discovered the secret to interstellar travel, humans have spread across the galaxy, forming what would eventually become the Galactic Empire. As our story takes place, Emperor Richard has left the throne world, and is waging war on the Galactic Frontiers. Back home, his niece, Princess Joan has usurped control of the Empire, seeking to keep Richard in the dark until she can establish her power base to complete the takeover. She has bribed or bullied the majority of Richard’s cabinet as well as the Arch-Bishop of The Galactic Church of Infinite Truth to support her position, and has started a strict and heavy taxation regime to help her build her power, keeping Richard equipped with enough men, ships, and equipment to continue the war without drawing attention back home.

However, all is not well on the homefront, between the rise of piracy commited by Robyn Hood and her Lively Ladies aboard their ship, Sherwood, and also the vocal opposition of Squire Marion, a popular member of Richard’s cabinet, both of which may undo Joan’s rule.

Captain Cheryl F. Nottingham

Captain Nottingham has been a career military officer, daughter to a family of career military officers. She is also the central figure to the bombardment of the planet of Andora IV during the war that resulted in the deaths to a significant force of the enemy, while also resulting in heavy friendly fire casualties. Short on good news in the face of a series of losses, the military had Nottingham exonerated of wrong doing, and pronounced the battle as a major victory in the public eye. Nottingham was reassigned to the Home Guard, where it was thought she would do less harm, but kept her rank and command.

When Robyn Locksley attempted to blow the whistle on the cover-up involved in the battle, Nottingham became acquainted with Robyn’s name. However, to Nottingham’s benefit, the military managed to sweep Lieutenant Locksley under the carpet. However, once Robyn had become a pirate, Joan had Captain Nottingham assigned to capture or destroy the Sherwood and her crew, as Princess Joan had come to admire Captain Nottingham’s ruthlessness.

On Nottingham’s first personal encounter with Robyn Hood, it was revealed that Captain Nottingham was responsible for the attack against Andora IV. Robyn fired a parting shot from her pistol at Nottingham, and managed to hit the captain in the eye, resulting in blindness in that eye.

Rancid - Sheriff of Nottingham

A mysterious tyrant that rose to power over throwing all former rulers.

Rozenstal - Sheriff of Nottingham

No story provided.

TJ - Sheriff of Nottingham

My retake on the Robin Hood tale takes place in a "Firefly" type of setting, where the human race is spread thin across the known universe after the Great War between King Richard the 8th and his brother, Prince John. The war created two factions, those loyal to the crown known as Lions due to the crest warn by the king. And those that saw a chance to advance their own agendas and fill their vaults with riches. Sadly Richard was defeated by his brother and sent into exile but there are those that seek to place the true king back on the throne. These faithful few have been deemed outlaws and traitors to the crown.

Sherriff of Nottingham

Once a great leader he has fallen for the ways of the prince and has become his chief advisor and has been charged with "enforcring the law of the crown" and capturing Loxly and his band. He is also madly infatuated with Marian.

Von Malcolm - Commandant of Nottingham

Humankind has conquered much of Orion’s Arm, but the constant growth outwards, deeper into the Milky Way, has been stayed and has even somewhat regressed with The Earth Foundation falling into a period of inner turmoil. The contact, support and protection from The Earth Foundation for the Outerstellar Nations has lessened placing these Nations in Dire Straits at the Edge of Oblivion.

In an effort to stay the growing chaos in its own Outerstellar Nation in Sagittarius, the central Quantum Computer invaded the other six Quantum Computers that run Sagittarius Nexus* and declared itself King. ‘Prince John’, as the ambitious computer is disrespectfully referred to by its disloyal subjects, is ruthlessly stomping out all opposition to its rising reign of terror. In one particularly remote system, Starwood, a group of vandals Merrily resists its edicts. Despite its massive artificial brain that encompasses the entire central governing planet of Nottingham and its Powerful Avatar that can leave ‘The Nottingham Stars’, Prince John cannot track and capture the ‘Robbing Hoods’ -or as it prefers to call them: ‘The Robbing, Raping, Rapscallion Hoods’.

Prince John doesn’t know that the Robbin’ Hood, despite being the leader of the Band of Hellions, isn’t the true mastermind behind the gang’s crimes: the misfit Much the Miner’s Son is: Too Much’s asinine plans are the main reason why Prince John’s Avatar and its accompanying Androids always fail to capture The Merry Robbing Hoods. The other reason for the Robbing Hoods’ ‘Much Luck’ is the nobility of The Commandant of Nottingham: Though he has little sympathy for the hoodlums of Starwood, The Commandant of Nottingham, affectionately referred to as ‘Sheriff’ by the Robbing Hoods, has little faith in the megalomaniacal computer in charge. The Sheriff needs all of his dozens of eyes and sensory organs to watch his enemies at his front and his ‘allies’ at his back.

The Noble Sheriff of Nottingham is stuck in between too forces: The Autocratic Law of a Power-Tripping Computer and the Destructive Chaos of a Greedy Band of Interstellar Thieves. His loyalties are being tested further as Mad Maid Marian left his main Enforcer of Starwood, Sir Guy of Abyss-Born, at the Altar. This is a common practice for Mad Maid Marian, the ultimate tease of the galaxy. She had promised Sir Guy that she would leave her evil ways, that she could convince the Merry Band of Criminals to turn their backs on their Villainy, but that’s what she tells all of the boys. Many a time has she sold her Precious Virginity on the Black Market, only for her and her crew to rob and/or murder the unfortunate John. Many a time has she promised her hand in marriage only for her an her crew to take the dowry and run, her most powerful Mark being Prince John itself: thus its name: John (it used to be X4RTi Prime). Now Sir Guy has gone Mad (following Prince John’s lead); no longer a dignified officer working under the Strict Discipline of the Commandant or the even Stricter Order of King John, he is a Bounty Hunter who has taken to wearing the skins and skulls of his captures: his Most Wanted quarry: the Robbing Hoods.


A mercenary sent to destroy the group of heroes, Peter Rickman decided it was suiting to take the name of the Sherriff of Nottingham, the famous enemy of Robin Hood.

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