Caption Contest 85 – Tiger Guy

Figuring you all are a) busy creating costumes for real life (Halloween in America is coming up this weekend!), b) busy creating digital ones for Friday Night Fights (deadline is NEXT Friday, so get busy!), and c) we've had a bajillion character design contests in a row, I thought we should return to our infamous blank captions.

In honor of Halloween, I challenge you to come up with the funniest replacement dialog for what looks like a Trick Or Treat encounter gone awry:

The rules are:

Entries must be left as a comment or comments to this post;
Keep it clean, appropriate for late-night broadcast television;
No limit on entries but be a good editor for yourself and don't just spam every idea that pops into your head, just the funny ones.

Deadline is next Monday, when I'll pick a winner, who will receive their choice of any HeroMachine 3 item or a portrait, or a "Sketch of the Day" style custom black and white illustration.

Good luck everyone!