Inspired by Mr. Hartwell's most excellent recent take on the character.

I loved his imagined dialog between Stan Lee and Jack Kirby at the inception of the Super Skrull as well:

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the Marvel offices, circa 1963:

Jack: "Geez, Stan, we're 17 issues into this book - who are we gonna have 'em go against *this* time? I'm all tapped out!"

Stan: "How about the Skrulls? Fans seemed to like the Skrulls from issue 2, yeah?"

Jack: "Those guys were stupid, Stan."

Stan: "No, wait! What if we took one Skrull and gave him all the powers of the Fantastic Four! He wouldn't be *just* a Skrull...he'd be...a SUP-AH Skrull!"

Jack: (rolling eyes) "Super Skrull. Yeah, right. Okay. Whatever."

Stan: "Excelsior!"