Foot questions

So with the benefit now of however long it's been, and at the prompting of some of the comments in the last thread, I opened up the "FootRightStandard" set this morning just for a quick look-see. And I realized it's a bit of a mess.

Back in the day when I was first putting these sets together, I had a pretty hard-core attitude about it. I felt like I was going to just present pieces that you the user would then assemble into whatever item you wanted. So rather than having ten boots with the same foot part and just different designs along the top (Superman's boot top versus Batman's versus Captain America's floppy top, etc.), I thought I would just provide the foot part (which stayed the same) and then separate tops, so you could make your own.

But as time has gone on and we've gotten more sets and more feedback, I'm rethinking that position.

It seems to me now that the best way to do these sets is the way I did the most recent Legwear release, where you've got the complete item, then a breakdown into pieces of that item in whatever configuration. That way the people who want one click items can have it, while the more advanced users who want the pieces to mix and match can do that, too.

Given that, I wanted to solicit your feedback on whether I ought to redo the FootRight sets, or at least do a couple of sub-sets (like BootTops and Foot or something), with a more orderly breakdown of items.