Apparently Hydra is going to play a significant villain role in the upcoming "Captain America" movie, but I hope they hire a new costume designer rather than going with this:

On the one hand, I'm glad they clearly feel confident, confident, dry and secure.

On the other hand, suspenders that look like overalls almost never make a good fashion statement. At least, they certainly don't inspire fear, unless you're on a canoe trip in the Appalachians with Ned Beatty*. And if actual overall suspenders look dorky, how much worse are fake ones that are just stitched into your blouse? Let's call them faux-veralls, because this is my blog and you can't stop me. And maybe they're tunics and not blouses but let's face it, no faux-verall-wearing lady-boy in a blouse is going to make me stop saying it.

Which is why this is not only a bad super-villain costume but a blight on the fashion world overall. Clearly, this is a mission for Captain America ... hey wait, maybe they should use this design in the movie after all!

(Image and characters ©Marvel Comics, Inc.)

* "Dueling Banjos" totally came up in iTunes as I was typing this. Karma, baby!