Dragon*Con 2010 update

Dragon*Con has been fun so far. I passed Edward James Olmos in a walkway, said hi to George Perez. And have seen more unadulterated geek joy than you would think possible.

Half of the experience is, of course, the fan costumes. We've been taking a lot of photos (albeit with my crappy iPhone), and thought I'd share a few with you.

I am doing this via the WordPress app for iPhone, which I have never used before, so apologies if this blows.

7 Responses to Dragon*Con 2010 update

  1. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    The guy with steampunk Batman is George Perez, by the way.

  2. “Hey man, I love your Comic Book Guy costume!”
    “What costume?”

  3. The steampunk costume is neat. Glad to see a guy like Perez really get into his work. Also, lots of them odd mysterious creatures seem to be at Dragon*Con. There’s a name for them… ummm… oh, women! Geek is chic, ladies!

  4. Avatar Owl_Poop says:

    haha! baby’s goin’, “THWIPP!” These are all great costumes. Mr. Perez’ outfit is both fashionable and functional for the win. The Black Canary/Green Arrow couple looks really good. I like the gold accents on her outfit and of course, the boxing glove arrowhead. Whatever baddie he’s aimin’ at just lost. Speakin’ of which… where’s Hal Jordan?

  5. Avatar Jigglypuff says:

    The SPiderman Baby is so cute I could stare at him and go “Aaaaawwwww….” for hours.

  6. Avatar John says:

    Yes, George Perez’s choice of Hawaiian shirt – and wearing it public, no less! – is bold indeed.

  7. Avatar andrew says:

    I know the guys in the captain marvel/captain marvel Jr. Costumes The one in the JR costume is one of my friends