Dragon*Con 2010 update

Dragon*Con has been fun so far. I passed Edward James Olmos in a walkway, said hi to George Perez. And have seen more unadulterated geek joy than you would think possible.

Half of the experience is, of course, the fan costumes. We've been taking a lot of photos (albeit with my crappy iPhone), and thought I'd share a few with you.

I am doing this via the WordPress app for iPhone, which I have never used before, so apologies if this blows.

7 Responses to Dragon*Con 2010 update

  1. Jeff Hebert says:

    The guy with steampunk Batman is George Perez, by the way.

  2. “Hey man, I love your Comic Book Guy costume!”
    “What costume?”

  3. The steampunk costume is neat. Glad to see a guy like Perez really get into his work. Also, lots of them odd mysterious creatures seem to be at Dragon*Con. There’s a name for them… ummm… oh, women! Geek is chic, ladies!

  4. Owl_Poop says:

    haha! baby’s goin’, “THWIPP!” These are all great costumes. Mr. Perez’ outfit is both fashionable and functional for the win. The Black Canary/Green Arrow couple looks really good. I like the gold accents on her outfit and of course, the boxing glove arrowhead. Whatever baddie he’s aimin’ at just lost. Speakin’ of which… where’s Hal Jordan?

  5. Jigglypuff says:

    The SPiderman Baby is so cute I could stare at him and go “Aaaaawwwww….” for hours.

  6. John says:

    Yes, George Perez’s choice of Hawaiian shirt – and wearing it public, no less! – is bold indeed.

  7. andrew says:

    I know the guys in the captain marvel/captain marvel Jr. Costumes The one in the JR costume is one of my friends