Farming it out

When last we checked in on our Lone Wolf, we had handily defeated our monstrous foe and faced a decision about where to go next. By an overwhelming majority, we decided to check out the local farmhouse:

Kicking open the door, you dive into the farmhouse. A Kraan soars overhead, letting out a shriek of victory, a victim hanging in its claws. Getting to your feet, you find yourself alone. But propped against the fireplace is a Warhammer. You may take this weapon if you wish.

We don't really need a warhammer since that's not a skill we possess, and we've already got two weapons (the max) in our inventory. But if you want it, let me know. I should note that this is not a Warhammer 40K, so don't go thinking we're starting another RPG here.

We do have other choices to make, however:

[polldaddy poll="3681952"]

I can't think running out from cover into a forested area when there are enemies visibly carrying off hapless villagers is what I would call "feeling safer", but perhaps my definitions are different than yours, I don't know.

Anyway, in honor of RPG Friday, I am going to try and take the results in an hour or two and move ahead with wherever that takes me, hopefully we can get a fair ways ahead in the story today to make up for the lack of updates recently.