Character Contest 42: Another Brick in the Wall

Last time out we took aim at the classic comic book Martial Artists, and this week we're doing the same with that venerable archetype we modern-day types call a "Brick".

The Brick on the team is the heavy hitter, the punishment-absorber, the living shield, the person who takes and dishes out most of the physical damage on tap for that day. Classic examples would include The Thing, The Hulk, Colossus, Juggernaut, and The Blob. Typically these characters have enormous strength and stamina, often expressed as gigantic bulging muscles and powerful, stocky frames.

Sometimes, though, the team Brick might be deceptively normal looking, like Ultra Boy, Mon-El, Wonder Woman, or even Namor. Whatever the physical appearance, though, the Brick's job is to deal out physical damage while absorbing the same, and staying active as long as possible.

Bricks get up close and personal to do their fighting (with the exception of the always-classic thrown vehicle or chunk of pavement), so even though a character might be physically tough, they wouldn't qualify if they mainly used ranged powers or weapons in combat.

Of course you could take this out of the realm of super-heroes completely, instead choosing to design a classic armored knight/paladin, or a big tough soldier, or even a character from ancient Greek myths like Hercules.

The rules are the same as always:

  • All entries must be submitted as a comment to this post;
  • Each entry must have a link to a publicly accessible web site (i.e. the UGO Forums, ImageShack, whatever) where the image of your character is posted;
    • Please name your files as [your name]-[character name].[file extension]. So DiCicatriz, for instance, would save his "Bayou Belle" character image as DiCicatriz-BayouBelle.png.
    • If possible, please make the link go directly to the image (like this) and not to a hosting jump page (like this). If you see "preview" or "rotate" somewhere in the link you're probably doing it wrong.
  • The contest ends next Monday, whereupon I will choose an overall winner, who receives his or her choice of either any item they like, or a portrait, to be included in the final HeroMachine 3 version.

Good luck, everyone!

207 Responses to Character Contest 42: Another Brick in the Wall

  1. Gero says:

    I decided to take the literal route with my first entry, the unstoppable rock giant “The Living Wall”:

    Also, if I win any contests in the future, I’m asking for an item that looks like a crater, because it’s hard to mimic the effects of one on here with existing items…

  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    I think a crater is a great idea!

  3. Moognation says:

    Oh, what the hell! Here’s an oldie who definitely falls into the category…

  4. Josh A says:

    Are minor characters from Marvel movies acceptable to portray?

  5. Jeff Hebert says:

    Josh, no. These should be original characters of your own concept and design.

    Creating an image of a copyrighted character with the HeroMachine software is a violation of the license agreement.

  6. Danny Beaty says:

    @Jeff: How many entries are we allowed?

  7. Josh A says:

    Alright Jeff, thanks.

  8. Jeff Hebert says:

    Danny, no limit. Going forward, I’ll probably just make that the default unless I set a limit in the bulleted rule list.

  9. MScat says:
    I just wanted to make sure the link was done the way it was suposed to.

    Ancient Warrior Blood Axe:
    A viking hero lost in time, frozen for centuries and reanimated in the 21st century Blood Axe was recruited by a secret government organization to become the next Super Soldier, but he rebelled. Now he has devoted his life to taking down the organization.

    I wanted to do what he would have looked like in the past and what he would look like in the modern time.
    (I know you said no weapons but the weapon is where he gets his name. He’s still a brick, because he uses his brute strength to take down anyone that stands in his way)

  10. Fabien says:

    This is Blockbuster, a street level brick :

    Tyrann; the brick from the space :

  11. Gargoyle323 says:

    Alright, here’s my first one…

    A modern day strong man who takes his name from the Three Musketeers character.(His name may have been influenced by my snack choice while working on this!)

  12. Jeff Hebert says:

    I didn’t say no weapons, I said they don’t use ranged weapons or attacks as their primary offensive method. Weapons are fine, particularly melee ones.

  13. Zyp says:

    It’s been ages since I last submitted to one of these contests but I thought I’d have my go at this one.

    Steel Kick: (I actually got the name from a random superhero name generator :D) A brick superhero with legs of steel!

  14. Jeff Hebert says:

    Welcome back Zyp!

  15. Cliff says:

    Clay was a bricklayer
    and he met Shannon Stone who was built like a brick sh!t house. it wasn’t long before a relationship firmed up and they decided to cement the affair and get married. 9 months later Shannon had a baby they named Mason.
    It was Mason’s 13th birthday the hottest day in August that Mason’s mutant power made itself known as he was giving a school bully a pile-driver his fist became a brick and he shattered the boy’s jaw.
    Soon Mason’s entire body took on a brick like texture, his hair and eyebrows and even his nose becoming stoney. Mason was terrified at his loss of tactile sensitivity. His parents also concerned took him to all sorts of specialists afraid that Mason would solidify. But he never did. Despite his hard appearance he never fully petrified. although he doesn’t move as fast as he used to. Mason eventually began to enjoy his strength and imperviousness.
    Now Mason fights injustice everywhere as … THE BRICK!



  16. Josh A says:

    Alright, here’s my attempt. I’m pretty happy for it being my first submission, though I wish I could have been here a week or two ago to enter it for the Martial Artist contest…

  17. Josh A says:

    Also, to view my picture in a bit bigger state (I’m sure you’ve got to know this trick, Jeff, this is for anyone else interested… haha) press Ctrl, then + to zoom in. Ctrl and – zooms out.

  18. Krimzon says:

    Here’s mine, His name is Kahzaal. (Pronounced K-uh-z-all)


    He was an ancient enormous beast back during the egyptian times. No one dared to speak his name, for the very uttering of his name would make the hardest warrior shiver with fear. At nearly 14 to 15 feet tall, Kahzaal was a monster of destruction. He has been said to collect skulls from his victims and put them on his belt has a sign of pride. He marks them with blood. It is said he resides in a cave in a snowy mountain. No one dares, even to this day, to climb it. For if anyone were to awaken Kahzaal from his slumber, he would bring pain, death, destruction, and carnage to the world.

    Sorry about cutting off the feet again. My computer won’t capture the whole thing, and if I zoom out, it’s too fuzzy and pixelated.

  19. Watson Bradshaw says:

    alright here is my first Entry.

    Sean Baker was a a grunt mechanic in the Army reserves but he became the countries greatest weapons when exposure to a experimental gas gave him a hide tougher than steel and strength to match the devastation of a warhead.

  20. Cliff says:

    Hard Rock

    Childhood friends, Maleek Johnson and Leo Anthony Stone, had dreams of becoming music stars, little did they realize that they would gain superpowers of Fire and Earth.
    Maleek Johnson became Hot Shot,
    Leo Anthony Stone named himself Hard Rock, together they became a due called Fire Power!
    Later they form a group with two other muscians with primal powers and become guardians of New Orleans calling themselves The New Elementals.

    This is a HM3 update of a character I originally done on HM1 or maybe it was 2.5
    (I got pretty close considering I did it from memory.)



  21. Galahad says:

    Here’s my first entry. It started off as just a goof-off with companion characters, but I think the whole “group shot” dynamic turned out pretty good, especially with the big guy ducking to get in the shot.

  22. joel says:

    entry #1

    Jordan Sims was a very dedicated police officer. however, one day, while he was busting a drug ring, he got ambushed by the drug lord and shot seven times in the back. He didn’t find himself up in the clouds or down in a fiery pit. instead, Jordan was in complete blackness, all alone except for a creature. it turned out to be a ghostly figure in the form of a giant talking spider. the spider offered Jordan a deal to bring him back to life. Jordan returned to this world, although now he has some slight differences. He now possess the brute strength and durability that most bricks have. what sets him apart from other tanks though, is that he still has a slim build, agility, and four extra arms! Now, guided by the spider spirit, Jordan fights crime under the new name: Arachnid.

  23. Galahad says:

    Jim Hardy was 13 when he first realized he was different. Riding his bike home from school, a driver ran a stop-sign and hit him. As the car collided with him, though, his hand touched the front bumper of the car, and instantly his body became as hard as steel, thus saving his life. After a brief check-up in the hospital and a write-up in the New England journal of medicine, young Jim was whisked away to a military research facility where his unique abilities could be studies, honed and eventually put to good use. At the age of 18 Jim joined the US Marine Corps to serve his country, but made no secret of his body’s ability to alter its DNA. Because of this, his fellow Marines started calling him “Helix”, and the name stuck.

    My inspiration for this one was Kevin E. Levin from the Ben 10 shows my 4-year-old watches. One thing I never got, though, was why Kevin doesn’t keep something with him at all times to absorb, rather than have to find something?

  24. Rosco says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you… the Croquape! I love everything about this except the difficulty of pronouncing his portmanteau name: “crow-cape.” No complicated origin story here: just a gorilla lawn-sport enthusiast who loves using his croquet mallet to mete out justice!

  25. Alex says:

    I used this one in a previous contest ,just so you know if it’s against the rules.

  26. Me, Myself & I says:

    High Tower is shown here just after metamorphing into superhuman form. He wears a spandex suit under his normal close because he grows so much larger that his normal clothing always tears to shreads when he changes.

    High Tower

    High Tower Close Up

  27. Gargoyle323 says:

    An ancient celestial being with unmatched physical power.He travels from world to world wrecking havok wherever he goes.

  28. joel says:

    entry #2

    a dread being rises from the depths of hell itself. he is: The Horseman. his strength is virtually unparalleled, and he can cover much ground with his flaming hooves. however, possibly his most dangerous weapons, is his stamina. he can fight or hunt an enemy for twelve hours straight without tiring. watch out for the hunter from hell. watch out for: The Horseman!

  29. LargeFormat says:

    Entry #1, Sigil- No real long backstory for this one, just the typical cybernetically augmented “SuperSoldier” whom escaped the clutch of a corrupted government to create a career of his own fighting crime and such. Enjoy! (And sorry for the cut-off lettering, didn’t realize that until AFTER I had already cropped and saved it..)

  30. Blue Blazer says:


    Alex Connolly was an archaeologist specializing in ancient African civilizations. One day he stumbled upon the remains of a culture never heard of before his arrival. In a cave deep within the jungles of the dark continent he found a room filled with tiny statues carved from every type of rock imaginable. All of them resembled man-like animals and seemed to have been idols of various deities that the people worshiped. Usually, Alex would have stuck to his policy of never touching an item until it had been safely transported to his laboratory, but he was drawn, almost hypnotically, to a man-elephant figurine. As soon as he touched it, he suddenly became a massive Were-elephant, a humanoid pachyderm with immense strength and tough skin. He mastered the ability to change from one form to the other and now fights crime as the elephantine hero Tusk.

  31. Blue Blazer says:


    Alias: Sharia
    Real Name: Jirani Mbwana
    Genre: Superhero
    Power(s)/Ability(s): able to lift up to 70 tons
    Affiliations: Sharia
    Other Aliases: none
    Status: active
    Jirani and her twin brother Jalil came to the U.S. with their mother as infants in the mind-1970’s. The mother knew almost no English, and easily lost herself in the crowds of anonymous faces in the rush and bustle of Caligo. She soon became the victim of a lethal racial attack, and the baby twins were placed in the care of the state, namely at Heartward House, an orphanage run by Anna Slack, a kind woman who’d been helping lost children for decades. The twins grew up at the orphanage, but Anna decided that they needed Swahili names, after discovering they were from Mozambique. She made her decision after witnessing the strange mutant powers in each. Jirani could lift over 70 tons, and was named “Sharia,” Swahili for “justice.” When she and her brother grew up they became a crime-fighting duo, Sharia with her might and her brother, renamed Kimbio for his superhuman speed. The two are currently in the running for the new champion of Caligo.

  32. Blue Blazer says:


    Alias: Brunhilda
    Real Name: Inga Helgadottir
    Genre: Superhero
    Powers/Abilities: superhuman strength and endurance
    Affiliations: UNified Defense Emergency Regulation Division of Global Security (UNDERDOGS)
    Past Aliases: The Tiny Titan
    Status: active
    Inga attempted for most of her life to hide her vast strength, until she was forced to use it against a group of 9 muggers. She beat them all to an inch of their lives, and thanks to a nosy photographer, she became renowned as the “Tiny Titan.” Inga’s petite stature and passive nature cause her enemies to underestimate her power. Inga finally gave in to the fame and clamoring fans and, in the display that caught the eye of the U.N.D.E.R.D.O.G.S. succeeded in lifting a 9 ton weight above her head on national television. She chose her name from the Norse goddess who led the Valkyries into battle according to myth.

  33. Myro says:

    This would be the first time I did this, but since I had the material on hand:

    Amazon is Cynthia Kravniak, formerly a pre-med student that had been exposed to radiation from faulty imaging equipment. Since becoming superhuman, she has grown to nearly seven feet tall, something that has made her quite self-conscious. It has also given her hair a metallic-silver color. She’s currently working on a government-based super team known by the mysterious name of Directive-7.

  34. Legatus says:

    Bricks don’t have to be superheroes (or villains) but they can be ordinary guys from next door

  35. Haxxx says:


    A Villain minion of an infernal master.

  36. Vampyrist says:

    Here’s my first entry, Bombadier.

    Bombadier is a brick with the odd ability to absorb kinetic energy to use it for various effects. He uses it to become superstrong and near invulnerable. But his true power comes in turning his powers into an explosive punch, hence his name.

  37. Cliff says:

    Davy Stephens wanted to be a great sorcerer one day
    and was accepted as an apprentice to a great sorcerer Anton Randu . He didn’t be live any of the rumors he head from time to time. about the strange disappearances, the rituals of the darkest arts and strange entities that lurked with his the walls of Blackstone Manor.
    That was before he witnessed the rituals first hand, became one of the entities and no one saw Davy Stephens again … just the Terrormental



  38. Wierdrocks says:

    She has a twin sister named ‘Brains’. Fun, huh?

  39. K'lyA says:

    Fantasy Brick:

  40. K'lyA says:

    Fantasy Brick: Hell-Hog

  41. Mr. Q says:

    Someone once said “Go big or go home”, so without further adieu…

    1) Gigantica: Ashley Smalls was a 5ft even, middle class woman who was having the worst day ever. Her boss laid her off, her car was towed by repo men, and she caught her boyfriend cheating with a much taller woman. After a night of drowning her sorrows, she looked up into the night sky and spotted a falling star. She wished that she would no longer be looked down upon by everyone around her. On that night, fate had a twisted plan in store for Ashley. The falling star was a radioactive meteor that was breaking up upon entering Earths atmosphere. One chunk was able to survive the fiery entry, becoming a bullet-sized crystal that struck our petite wisher in the chest.

    She survived the strike but doctors could not remove the fragment. It had fused in her breastplate and skin. Any attempts to cut it out failed. But the most bizarre part of this patient was that she was slowly growing taller. The radiation from the fragment was transforming her into a super human amazon with enormous size and unbelievable strength. The side effect of this was that it was altering Ashley’s mind; finally unleashing her repressed rage and emotions. Soon she wrecked havoc on the city and all those who treated her poorly in life. Before the military could move in and capture her, someone else beat them to it.

    A criminal organization called the Syndicate was impressed with Ashley’s powers and abilities. She soon became their most valuable powerhouse against all forces, both human and super human. Due to her unstable rage, she is always accompanied by Red Stryker (the Syndicate’s top soldier) to keep her in check. But how long can the Syndicate control this amazing colossal amazon known as Gigantica before she unleashes her fury upon them? Only time will tell.

  42. Cliff says:

    Maxwell Powers was a Health Insurance salesman often angry at his job for not accurately providing the proper coverage on those who needed their benefits once health emergencies arised.
    Through a fluke of nature, act of god, or by a scarlet speedster lighting backlash. Maxwell was struck by a bolt of lightning and gain wonderous powers of Super Strength, Endurance and Invulnerability.
    So going to the local costume boutique he bought himself a suit to become … THE SHIELD.
    Now Max Powers has the power to provide protective coverage of the innocent and needy … with his own impervious body taking the blows and dishing them back out.



  43. joel says:

    entry #3

    No one is exactly just who he is or where he came from. The one thing that is known however, is that he lives only to kill. He calls himself Havoc. Havoc has immense and durability, in addition to that, due to the strange energy in his body, whenever he defeats an opponent their strength is added to his own. perhaps the ultimate warrior, he seeks a strong opponent who is worthy of fighting him.

  44. BNE says:

    1. Statesman: Your all American powerhouse

    2. Cestus: Aquires superhuman strength through the use of technological gloves

    3. TEAM R-X: A team of techno bricks

    4. Phantom Knight: Gavin Saxton seems an normal (below) average teenager, but when danger occurs he magically transforms into the indomitable spirit, Phantom Knight.

    (without Gavin)

  45. Josh A says:

    Second and probably last entry, as I thought my first wasn’t “Brick” enough. I think this design’s pretty simplistic, but it’s clean and works pretty well. I like it, personally.

  46. William A. Peterson says:

    This one started off as the obvious derivation, but he’s become his own character in role-play:

    This little lady looks petite, but she packs a good punch!

    A patriotic Superhero who’s got a few years on him:

    And, one of my very first HeroMachine pictures!

  47. Gargoyle323 says:

    She is blessed with the ability of flight and her power rating is off the scales. DOMINION keeps the city streets safe from all who would do harm.

  48. I’ve already posted this before, but I actually like the HM 2.5 version more than HM 3.0a.


  49. Sorry, forgot to edit the Earth’s Page… dead links, I had to delete files for space.

  50. MetallicaFan says:

    The Smashing Stone

    No one is really sure of the origins of him. Several studies have even brought into question his capabilities of free will. It’s easy to see why though:

    Legend says he’s the result of a foolish attempt at necromancy by an inexperienced wizard. Instead of summoning the departed soul of his wife, he summoned a pissed off spirit. In an attempt to fix his mistake he sent it back into the earth, trapping it their in the rock.

    Regardless of the legend’s truth, he is better known as all-brawn, no-brain muscle-for-hire instead of a true hero or villain.

  51. VonMalcolm says:

    She’s a Brick—-House
    She’s Mighty Mighty, just lettin’ it all hang out
    She’s a Brick—-House
    That Lady’s stacked; that’s a fact,
    ain’t holding nothing back
    She’s a Brick—-House
    Yeah she’s the one, the only one,
    who’s built like an Amazon


    My apologies to SpiderCow2010 for using. . . well you’ll see!

  52. Malfar says:
    This is a giant called Trollbeard. His beard is extra-warm and has a hole where two moles live.

  53. knighthawk says:

    Kinetic Hyper Enhancement Power Redirection Instruments
    Khepri is the name of an Egyptian god, known for rolling the sun across the sky.
    This suit is designed to redirect any form of energy source and convert it into strength augmentations. From solar power to energy blasts as well as kinetic impact from bullets, falls and physical blows including telekineses.
    When the suit is expending a charge it glows a brilliant neon yellow. Each charge allows for a ten second burst of current mass times ten or a single second burst of current mass times one hundred. Currently the suit can maintain two charges at a time. The suit currently comes in two sets, one of a ‘daytime’ form designed on a 80% energy absorbency 20% physical intended for fighting energy based opponents and solar energy continual influence. The ‘nighttime’ form is far more impact intended, designed for close quarters conditions as well as falls and landing impacts of an evasive nature.

  54. Watson Bradshaw says:

    entry number 3.


    when 11 death-row inmates were in transit to a new super-max prison an explosion at a near by laboratory would fuse the men together into one murderous entity known to the world as Cell-Block.

  55. Kabare says:

    My first entry in this contest.

    Base: fantasy
    name: Devlin

    Devlin is a soldier. His goal to make more and more money. He isn’t the brain in the team, but his strenght is more helpful than a good idea. In the scene he defend a ravaged city, which is attacking some fearless and bloodthirsty Amazon.

  56. Watson Bradshaw says:

    entry number 2 (errr).
    Looks like I forgot to post my second one!

    Here is ENDZONE

    Kal “the Wall” Willis was a cocky star jock on his way to a free ride at college when a blow to his head at a game puts him in a coma for a month. when he awakes he finds that he has power over the very rock and earth at his feet. Now he protects his brother Jasper and the people around him as ENDZONE.

  57. NightForest says:

    His name is JailBreaker.The name say it all.
    (Sorry about the grammar i’m not very good at English)

  58. Legatus says:

    @Watson Bradshaw: that hole in the wall-effect is great

  59. knighthawk says:

    Markus Tsunami was an average surfer living in japan with a good life as a computer programmer for a small time video game company. Driving home one night he was caught in an accident with a mutagens company disposal truck, he was doused with several failed projects and rushed off to the companies private hospital to avoid any incidents. It was discovered that every cell in his body reproduced at an imposable rate and tested cancerous on everything from hair to skin to even his eyeball humor. He was tested and trained to control his regeneration rate allowing him to double in size and heal faster than they could harm him. He was known as Tsunami and worked with the private superhero group to protect the chemical company and their private interests. After a fight with a villain called “event horizon” Tsunami used his own body to plug a miniature black hole. He was presumed dead when his body was never located but returned a decade later with the new power to not only double his size, but compact his density to one fourth his super-size with the same weight.
    He joined a new super-team under the title of The Sumo Samurai but his companions shortened it to “Sumorai”.
    Powers of size increase, increased density, regeneration.

  60. Phatchick says:
    You’ve all heard of women who were described as “being built like a brick s#*%house”? Well, here’s a brick chick who literally is. I had to use HM2 for this one but I think she turned out pretty well.

  61. haz says:

    @Phatchick: Now I’m never going to hear that song without seeing your character.

  62. hero of wu says:

    In 2121 the world is a very different place countless wars have left the planet scarred, fossil fuels have been consumed. Artificial intelligence is taking over the world, humans are fighting back.
    One such man is Jack Armstrong commander in the north American resistance, he stands at over 7ft tall and is a true brute of a man, he fights along side his noble droid Tx-578 or Tex. Tex was once an incursion droid but was captured and reprogrammed by the resistance.

  63. joel says:

    entry #4

    Joe Sanders was a lesser known football player for “the New England patriots”. though by most standards he was fairly big, Joe Sanders was small for a football player. this being the case, he began to take lots of steroids to keep up with the other players. he was eventually discovered and kicked off the team because of his “addiction”. however, Joe soon discovered all the different chemical elements in the drugs he had taken had a unique affect on his body. he soon realized that his strength and endurance were second to none, and if he got into a full on charge, their was almost nothing that could stop him. so Joe snuck back into his old locker room one night, and stole back his uniform. with some slight alterations, he is now ready to fight crime as “The Patriot”: defender of the weak, and PUNisher of the wicked (as seen in the bellow picture).

  64. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Here is Entry 4

    The Quaker

    John T. Quinn was living a simple life in the early 1800’s when a band of thieves came upon his farm. They murdered his wife and child and left him mutilated and close to death himself. Luckily he was found and revived by a tinkerer named Brinkley and his privateer daughter Tabatha, they were able put John back together and on the road to find the men who stole his life.

  65. Watson Bradshaw says:

    @Legatus thanks 🙂 I am loving the masking tool.

  66. Crt Toonz says:

    His name is fuzion

    He was an scientist that was abducted by aliens that in lined his arms with space rock and his feet replaced with one of there owns when he escaped he was unable to control his new arms and made robotic gloves to harness the energy into his fist

  67. Blue Blazer says:


    Name: Jefferson Hyde
    Genre: Supervillain
    Power(s)/Ability(s): immense size, strength, stamina, and durability; super-thick rhino skin
    Affiliations: The Order of the Sphinx
    Past Aliases: “Knuckles”
    Status: at large
    Jefferson was a mindless goon for mob boss Mario Cantori. He was known as “Knuckles” Hyde for his ability to knock out just about anyone with a single punch to the head. But on one of his missions handed down from the boss, his criminal life changed completely. He was supposed to break into the laboratories of the Sphinx Foundation and rough up some poor bastard with a gambling problem. But instead he was captured by Sphinx security guards. Instead of taking him to the authorities, however, the guards turned Jefferson over to the president of the company, Carson Westwood. Westwood gave Hyde a simple choice: to allow himself to be the subject in an experimental new genetic surgery, or be killed by Westwood’s guards. Hyde, never much of a faithful servant, opted for the first choice. His body was pumped with rhinoceros DNA and he became a huge pachyderm-man with gargantuan strength and an extremely thick hide that most firearms couldn’t even penetrate. His skin also became wrinkled and gray. He was placed on the Sphinx Foundation’s secret organization of supervillains, called the Order of the Sphinx, in preparation of a hostile takeover of Caligo. In the meantime, Hyde helps the organization by committing small-time crimes to held fund their research and procedures.

  68. joel says:

    entry #5 (possibly my last)

    Brick Cheney!

    And you thought he was the ultimate evil before!

  69. Sutter_Kaine says:

    TAURUS – Taurus is a member of a Zodiac-themed villian group. He is the group’s resident power-house.

  70. Gargoyle323 says:

    Jonathon Edwards is a modern day Jekyll and Hyde. After drinking a “Super Steroid” formula he had created,he turned into a beast like creature.He still had control of his own thoughts in this new form. His strength and stamina had been increased tremendously. The “Brute” form would last for around 8 hours before he would revert to his true self. After being exposed to moonlight,he found that his strength was even greater,but he would lose control of this new feral side much sooner. He now uses his these powers to fight crime as The BRUTE!

  71. The Imp says:

    @Gargoyle (82): the background art on that is awesome.

  72. Gargoyle323 says:

    @Imp-Thank you,Imp. I was pretty happy with the end result.

  73. knitesoul says:

    The Guardian:

    You don’t mess with Lil’ Timmy. A lonely and small kid who is always picked on. Ever since he found a golden amulet in his trip from Egypt, he feels someone is there with him. To protect him from harm. Now that more problems arise bigger than any bully he’s faced, he can count on the guardian to serve and protect.

  74. Danny Beaty says:


    Painmonger is a huge muscle for hire.


    Anita Jackson, victim of a violent crime, agreed to be a test subject for a human enhancement drug. The drug made her bullet-proof, superhumanly strong, and able to quickly recover from any wound. Recalling the legend of John Henry, she picks up a sledgehammer to fight criminals.

  75. joel says:

    entry #6 (Final Entry)

    Known only as “Dark Crusader”, this knight is a champion among champions. his strength, durability, and skill with an axe are unparalleled. plus he can use his mighty strength to gain dominion over the mythical beasts that roam his lands. he uses his power to fight a never ending battle of revenge. you do not want to cross him.

  76. Gene says:

    Nothing fancy, was just mucking around with some of the new leggings. and this poped out


    He fell to Earth decades ago and has been fighting evil since. He has no memories of where he came from….

    He can fly, is of course super strong and near invulnerable. Is favored mode of attack is…the Meteor strike!

    Unfortunately, his meteor strike has been know to cause some collateral damage, but Hey, he usually gets the bad guy too.

  77. Shalazar says:

    Born in San Francisco at 50’s, Evania grew like a common child. Everything was normal until she was 18, she changed. Her whole body did. Her smooth skin of a teenager disappeared and instead there was only metal. This made her powerful, but also inhuman. She needs neither sleep or eat, or age. Alone and scared. Invulnerable against firearms and too fast for the arrival of superheroes, she lived in a luxury crime for decades. But no one gets away for good and Evania was captured by SHIELD. Now, accepting the deal of his captor, works in Los Angeles with a group of superheroes with the name of DIAMONDS.

  78. BNE says:

    5. Mega Mech: A product of AVALANCHE Ind. These machines serve as guards against super powered villains.

  79. Sutter_Kaine says:

    Kreiger – A World War II era villian, Kreiger is the product of a Nazi super-soldier program.

  80. hero of wu says:

    Could be breaking the rules with this one.

    Doc Large is a small runt of a man who took a potion which causes him to turn into a giant of a man at will

  81. Blue Blazer says:


    Alias: Mastodon
    Real Name: Lincoln Quinn
    Genre: Supervillain
    Power(s)/Ability(s): super strength and durability
    Affiliations: Sinister Society
    Other Aliases: none
    Status: at large
    While most children try desperately to hide mutant abilities, especially in high school, Lincoln Quinn had no intention of doing so. It would’ve been near impossible anyway, with a physique like his. By the time he was 16, Lincoln weighed in at 590 lbs of solid muscle, and stood at an impressive 6’9″. He enjoyed the doe-eyed lustful stares of the girls at his school, and the narrowed jealous leers of his fellow jocks; but mostly, he enjoyed the terrified looks on the faces of the geeks and nerds he liked to pick on as frequently as possible.

    Assuming he’d easily get a free football ride to college, Lincoln ignored any and all schoolwork, and only attended enough class to avoid failing. But just after Lincoln graduated from Caligo High School, a law was passed that mutants could not participate in state-funded sports due to an unfair advantage. Lincoln’s future crashed down around his ears with such suddenness that he had nowhere to turn except for crime. He was too stupid to perform any real jobs, but he had exactly what it took to be a criminal.

    So Lincoln adopted the mantle of Mastodon and tore through the city, emptying its pockets with his superhuman strength and easily batting aside anyone who got in his way. His incredible power caught the attention of Sinister Society leader Axis, and he was recruited to the team.

    Lincoln is now 7’4″ and weighs nearly 675 lbs. He seems to be continuing to grow even in adulthood.

  82. Blue Blazer says:


    Alias: Megalith
    Real Name: Patrick Malone
    Genre: Superhero
    Power(s)/Ability(s): Made of thick, almost unbreakable rock; superstrength.
    Affiliation: Dynamos Alpha Red Team
    Other Aliases: Stony Maloney
    Status: active
    Patrick is one of the few superheroes today who enjoys being in the spotlight. A few months after he was born, his skin began to harden, and by the time he was 2, he was composed entirely of stone. His parents were dismayed and disgusted at what their son had become, and kept him locked in his room most of the time for fear he’d be discovered and they would be blamed. The only ones who knew of Patrick and his condition were his parents and his grandmother, Molly Malone.

    Unfortunately for his parents, Patrick had gained superhuman strength along with his strange skin, and easily escaped his house. He was then 5 years old, and found his way to his grandmother’s house. His parents agreed to let him live with her, and it wasn’t long before the world discovered the little rock boy who could lift 18-wheelers over his head.

    To the chagrine of Patrick’s parents, the world fell in love with him, and he became a poster boy for America and mutants everywhere. He was known across the globe by the endearing nickname Stony Maloney. He became a national celebrity, and the country watched him grow from a small child into a hulking, 7′ 6″ teenager. He became independently wealthy thanks to advertisement deals and TV appearances.

    But at the age of 16, Patrick began to want more out of his life. He decided to use his impenetrable body and amazing power to fight crime, as the hero Megalith, and subsequently joined Alpha Red Team 2 years later.

  83. ConqWarr says:

    Kilerarock is a word I created which means “Killer Rock.” He is the evil form of my other creation, Stormman, who’s also a rock creature. After Stormman decides to side with the Devil (which in my stories I call the Withering Waste), he becomes the traitorous creature known as Kilerarock. The red and yellow colors are a shield that can only be broken by a high-pitched sonic scream from my other character, Feedback. Kilerarock possesses super-strength and a multi-blast. (A combination of Stormman’s powers: lightning, tornadoes, fire, etc. It rips apart an opponent and pieces them back together slowly, which usually kills them.) However, though he has wings, he cannot fly.

  84. Legatus says:

    I present a villain from Germany.

    Blanker Hans is an aquatic villain from the lost city of Rungholt. For those of you who are not familiar with Rungholt:

    and here’s the pic:

  85. Mr. Q says:

    Another brick in the wall…

    2) Punch Drunk Sally: Sally Rhodes is the only daughter of a 4 child household (brothers range from late teens to mid twenties). She comes from a southern family that is well versed in two traits; drinking and brawling. In the town of Little Rock, Arkansas, the male side of the Rhodes clan have a reputation of fighting with anyone dumb enough to provoke them (and since they’re hammered almost 3/4’s of the day, its not that easy). Sally can hold her liquor alongside any man, but she’s never been allowed to fight by her pa due to her gender.

    One night, Sally came across a wrecked space capsule containing a pair of metallic gauntlets. When she put them on, they gave her incredible strength, nigh invulnerability via a protective energy shield, and the ability to throw ion bolts in the form of a punch that will destroy any man-made structure. But the best thing about them is that their energy source is alcohol fueled from contact with the wearer. Meaning that the more booze she has, the more powerful the gauntlets become. So Sally did the only logical decision… she gave the gauntlets a hot rod paint job, grabbed a few brews, and declared herself the town’s first super heroine.

    From the moment she found the gauntlets, Punch Drunk Sally has fought off typical bank robbers, alien invaders, and redneck mutants with a southern attitude and an blood alcohol level that is well over the legal limit. To some folks, including her family, she is a true heroine. But to the majority of Arkansas (and most of the south), she is seen as a public menace that must be stopped (mostly because of the massive property damage her battles cause). And don’t even ask what the super-human community thinks of her. On the plus side, Sally was declared the first female ever to win the Galactic Federation’s Brawling Championship belt after defeating Masteroid the meteor monster.

  86. dave3dclark says:

    New order of Comunism’s greatest hero. Known as The Red Machine, for his inhuman way of incapacitating his opponents.
    Rumor has it that his incredible strength comes from a form of super soldier serum, as he is the only one with these abilities this cannot be confirmed…

  87. Decolda says:

    Bimbo Jane & Evil Dr Wong

    Behind every super hero, is a super villain.

    The notorious Evil Dr Wong has created a machine which can enhance the human muscles, making the subject a 15ft giant with immense strength – but the Dr needed a genie pig that was strong enough to be his subject but dumb enough to volunteer. Then Jane came along…

    Jane is a fashion conscious, fitness junkie bimbo… from time to time she has her moments where she knows Dr Wong is Evil, but he’s mastermind and genius always manages to trick her into committing crimes.

    Will you help Jane get some common sense?

  88. Blue Blazer says:


    Alias: Basher Capricorn
    Real Name: Dan Sumter
    Genre: Supervillain
    Power(s)/Ability(s): immense strength and size, rock-hard horns, ability to consume any material safely
    Affiliations: Sinister Society
    Past Aliases: none
    Status: at large
    Basher is a beast of a man. Well, man-goat. He was once lumberjack Dan Sumter, and even then he was 7 feet tall and 350 lbs. When he stumbled upon an animal nymph in the forest he was helping take down, Dan’s life was turned upside down. And his body was turned into that of a giant half-goat/half-man. He is covered in brown fur and has two curved, rock hard horns atop his head. The transformation, which was permanent, drove Dan insane and brought out his primal masculine urge to break stuff. So he began doing this, with great success. He carries a humongous war hammer, which compliments his incredible ramming force when knocking down buildings or tearing up a subway car. The good thing is, if he needs to clean up after himself, he can easily eat the debris and be perfectly content.

  89. bezerkoid says:

    I apologise for the slightly messed up image but it was resized and thus his name was cropped out.

    Hunter Lazarus (or Lazarus Hunter as a typo in his display name says) is a zombie capable of taking heavy punishment. Little is known about his pre-undead existence, but he has numerous ties to criminal businesses and shows skill with computers. All that is known is he was killed by loan sharks and resurrected by a sorcerer after his corpse was sold. Biting his saviour, Hunter seeks to spread the plague and continue what he started beforehand. Hunter is now part machine after he lost his left arm from severe bone damage, replacing it with a scavenged cybernetic which ups his strength. To make things worse he has attached blades to both.

  90. bezerkoid says:

    Another few entries.

    Power Shadow (or Ivan Askew if you can’t be bothered with aliases) is made to be the ultimate killing machine, claiming to have once fought the woman who could never die to a standstill. and even then he ripped out her heart before she could recover and counter. His policy is never to use guns, as he claims it makes the kill too easy and boring.

    2) Cannonball.

    George Merrier discovered he has an indestructible head and superhuman speed. What does he do? He steals a suit of power armour to shield the rest of his body, then takes a load of painkillers and charges into the fray of everything. No, this guy is not the brains of anything whatsoever.

    3) Pincushion

    His name may sound childish, but he possesses the ability to feel no pain and is virtually immortal. Overloaded with blades he wears on attachments or has surgically implanted into his body, coming anywhere near him brings a risk of severe injury.

  91. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Entry 5
    okay this may be my last

    Dieter Von Roth was a vain and skinny thief, who’s whole life changed when preforming a heist at GreenTech Chemical Company and fell into a vat of toxic goo. His body mutated into a hideous blob of impervious gel. From then on he would hear his named screamed “Look out here comes THE GELATINOUS MASS!”

    “Pillar”, a completely stone humanoid that destroys everything that bothers him.

  93. By the way this is my first contest entry.

  94. Gargoyle323 says:

    The city of Valu-mealopolis has become riddled with crime. The Mayor and Police Chief are on the take. Burglers,Pirates and costumed Arsonists(commonly referred to as”Fry Guys”)rule the streets.They all answer to some clown known only as “Big Red”.
    The muscle man for this group is known as the Grimmazz. He has an unsatiable hunger for hurting people and is the top “shake” down artist around. No one is quite sure how he acquired his physical deformities or his purple hued skin,but some have speculated that it”s from his love for greasy, fat-rich foods. If he comes looking for you,it’s a safe bet that he’ll put a grimace on your face!

  95. Phatchick says:

    @haz- Thank you. I’ll take that as a complement.

  96. Phatchick says:

    A steampunk brick character. Lady Emily Steele was the pride of her scientist father’s life. Smart, tough and beautiful, she was the perfect assistant until, while on a trip to India, she was attacked by a cobra controlling assassin. In order to save her life, her father transfered her mind into a clockwork body he had been working on. Now, she and her father fight the assassin’s guild and help those who’ve been victims of injustice wherever they go.

  97. Danny Beaty says:


    Joe Avery Mann was a construction worker. one day while working on an addition to a lab Joe fell through some weak scaffolding and into a vat of chemicals (See where this is going?). Paramedics revive Joe, who feels fine and seems no worse the wear. Later that night Joe stops by a convenient store to buy a six-pack when he hears gunshots coming from the store. Joe grabs a crowbar he keeps in his truck cab and ran inside. Seeing a crook standing over the wounded store owner, Joe rushes at the thief. The thief fires his gun three times but Joe keeps going and fells the crook with one blow of the crowbar. Joe goes home and sees that even though his workshirt and t-shirt have bullet holes in them. The next day at work Joe is told that he is one of several guys being laid off. Joe files for unemployment benefits but has no plans to just stay at home and collect a check. After testing himself in a junkyard, Joe comes to realize that he is bullet-proof and has superhuman strength. Joe Avery Mann vows to use his abilities to fight crime and, knowing he will always be a working man at heart, calls himself Working Man.

  98. Sean From Edwards says:

    Arion Scotts:

    As the heavy weapons expert and ground vehicle driver of the Blade Force special operations team, Arion is the largest and strongest member of the team. He however is not opposed to getting in there and mixing it up hand to hand with the enemy. His weapon of choice is chain gun he tore off a downed aircraft that runs out of ammo quickly, but doesn’t mind as he prefers using it as a battering ram or giant club.

    by himself:

    With a friend:

    Eggedon Bichard:

    Another member of the Blade Force, this insectoid being is even stronger than Arion. He can also excrete a resin that his species uses to make digging tools. He uses his to make fearsome blades that often tears through the enemy with, leaving behind a path of destruction.

  99. Tristan says:

    Galaxy the Living Hurricane- an alien who uses his strength and speed to fight crime
    Red Light- A scientist whose technology alows him to make armour out of solid light
    Zarog Warrior Dwarf- minni power house

  100. VonMalcolm says:

    the. . .

    He may not be a great Brick but least his name is Conan!

  101. Kaldath says:

    Entry 1) Avalanche:

    Super Villian, Turned Heroe, turned Villian, Avalanche was at one time the Leader of the Superhero team known as the Warriors.

    Tyrone Philips was a street punk who along with his girlfriend volunteered to be experimented on by a large criminal organization in the hope of Making it to the “Big Time” Now calling himself Avalanche Tyrone and his girlfriend we captured on there first crime as “super villians” and reformed there lives while in prison. Upon being releases from prison the pair became founding members of The Warriors With Avalanche as the team leader.

    Even as a hero Avalanche was too aggressive, and it was his aggressiveness and impulsiveness that lead to the death of one of his teammates. At that leadership of the Warriors Passed to the Member known as Melee and Avalanche and his girlfriend quit the team. Resentment at the lose of his Authority turned his heart black once more leading him to found a new team, this one of Super villains known as the Assassins.

  102. Mr. Q says:

    @Gargoyle323: How did you do the vapor trail for the jets. I wanted to do some for my first entry but HM3 was having some difficulties and I couldn’t find the right item. ^^; Still learning how to use HM3 to its full potential.

    Mr. Q

  103. VonMalcolm says:

    He may not be a great Brick but *at* least his name is Conan!

    -it was late.

  104. bookaddict1978 says:

    This is Thorne. He is Half Elf and Half Djin Demon Hunter. His Body is made up of pure earth from which he can form weapons to use in battle, such as the one on his left arm.

  105. Oquies says:

    Brick was created out of fireclay by combining aluminum oxide and silicon dioxide and heated until it was vitrified. Brick can withstand temperatures as high as 3000 degrees Fahrenheit!

  106. Watson Bradshaw says:

    @Oquies (125) Very funny.:D

  107. Gargoyle323 says:

    @Mr.Q(122)- I used the Backplane/Auras;1st page-top right corner(4th) smoke/cloud and resized it down. Hope that is helpful.(By the way, I find myself learning new techniques all the time;that’s one of the many cool things about this site!)

  108. Gargoyle323 says:

    @VonMalcolm(120)- YA MON! Funny …. Very Funny!!! We Be Jammin’!

  109. Lawrence says:

    It has been forever since I’ve done one of these. I hope this is good enough, there’s been great entries lately.

  110. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Entry 6


    Okay, really this is it! Last one!! I swear!!!

    Britney Campbell was a standard single mum living in east London until a enchanted stone lion started talking to her! It claimed that she had been chosen to be the embodiment of the British spirit and it’s protector. Now with the strength of a dozen men and an invulnerable skin she protects the streets and still has time to pick up her kids from school.

  111. Tigerguy786 says:

    Here is my entry.

    He and his brother were granted incredible power by aliens. His brother was given superstrength, he was given complete invulnerability to any kind of arm. Add that to his natural agility and his role in combat is distraction. He runs around and keeps the enemies attention so that War (his brother’s appropriate monicker)can pound them into the ground.

  112. Gargoyle323 says:

    From the tiny,remote island nation of Skaldinia,comes the heroine known as the Warhammer. A contest is held to find the strongest,fiercest warrior who will hold the title of the Warhammer.On the eve of the last contest,a coup was held.The King’s council and their families were slain.The King was injured badly,but survived the attack.His only family member to survive was his daughter,Mariana.He bestowed the Warhammer to her and tasked her with finding the forces behind this attack.She would be sent out into the world,looking to bring justice for her fallen family and friends. She was as strong as any man on the island and her fighting skills were second to none.The guilty would have to answer to the Warhammer.

  113. Galactic Ketchup says:

    Agent Schmidt

    Following IKEA’s complete global domination in the year 2099, humans were driven underground by the sheer mass of furniture. While some successfully escaped the Swedish monsters’ grasp and formed the human city of Zatom, most of the human race was captured by the Great Oppressors and were plugged into the virtual reality known as ‘The Mattress’. Humans who escaped The Mattress and joined the human rebellion would often re-enter The Mattress from their ships and attempt to free other humans. In order to stop the plans of these free humans (also known as redmeatballs) from coming to fruition, IKEA deployed programs known as ‘Sales Agents’ to maintain the balance of The Mattress and thwart the rebels. These Agents consisted of Agent Brohn, Agent Jans and their leader, the most powerful of the three, Agent Schmidt. However, Schmidt hated The Mattress, and sought to break free of his programming. Following his destruction at the hands of ‘The Chosen One’, the human called Nels, Schmidt was set free, and now he spreads across The Mattress like a red wine stain on a cream carpet. Now it is up to Nels to stop him, but can he do it in time or is humanity doomed to spend forever buying new coffee tables and strangely shaped lamps?

    I know the character design is fairly basic, but The Matrix films were on TV last week and this idea just suddenly came to me. My hopes for winning this thing are based on the backstory alone. :L

  114. ConqWarr says:

    Hatred is a giant rock creature that turns into a pile of rocks when defeated.

  115. Captain_Kicktar says:
    Virus is capable of hacking into systems by touching them, and has a powerful blaster and a just as good blade.

  116. joel says:

    Agent Schmidt story is most awesome backstory of all time!

  117. vom666 says:
    STUURM AND DRAANG—-stuurm and draang are a duo of superpowered villains who were experimental subjects of Dr Otto Meinhoff’s use of the notorious nazi butcher Werner Brandt’s notes on genetics. The two were part of a series of experiments that lead to their vast super strength and near invulnerability.
    Primarily created by Meinhoff as a weapon against ALL-AMERICAN MAN the two are now free agents after Meinhoff’s apparant demise. The two truley aren,t very smart which is often the reason of their defeat though they are both very malicious and collateral damage of property and innocent lives does not concern them.

  118. Lawrence says:

    I’ve missed doing these. Here is Indestructible, sorry couldn’t think of a better name

  119. Danny Beaty says:

    Hi gang! I guess this will be my final entry.


    The Night Stalker is a two-fisted hunter of criminals. He is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant. TNS once was thrown out of a jetliner 30,000 feet in the air and survived unscathed. A shotgun blast to the his face merely knocked down NS, who quickly rose and took the shotgun from the criminal and beat him with it. He can lift a car without working up a sweat. He is also a good detective and can see in total darkness

  120. VonMalcolm says:

    Arctic Fire with her Brick steed Ice Brick.

    Zombie Brick: BIG PIG! After getting his fill of Brains (he acquires the nutritious grey matter by biting off living human heads), Big Pig replicates by budding.

    Interstellar ‘Brick’ Bounty Hunter Quarg:

    Quarg with Armor:

    Gargoly323 & LadyBard96: I am glad you both liked Conan: Anybody up for the obvious, but still funny, ‘Conan’ the Barbarian?

  121. Cliff says:

    Viriel was an angel of heaven who rebelled with one third of the angels against God under Lucifer’s banner and was caste out of Heaven.
    At first he took his duties of temptation, destruction, retrieval and torture entusiastically.
    But the year 2000AD
    Viriel has had a change of heard realizing his error and have campaigned for a chance to repent and show he has forsaken the Dark Lord and is actively battling Him. He has been given a chance, He is put in shackles to cast out his pride and prove his submission to God, and an Angel’s halo was, painfully, attached to his chest.
    Viriel has inhuman Strength, Endurance, Stamina and Speed, He has horns, fangs, claws, tail and hooves. He has no innate Demonic powers anymore although he can use the Halo to call on favors at the risk of great pain for the privilege. Among the mortals he is called Heaven’s Devil!



  122. Zforce says:

    Threw this together at the speed of sound… The fact that I couldn’t mask an item and add a pattern bummed me out so I pretty much stopped trying after a while. Still… I thought she was good enough to add… and make alternates of. Also, might be considered a little NSFW… but I don’t really care. So, here’s my brick Miraka. She’s an experiment. She lives in a tower over a city. She protects said city. She changes colour. She makes you feel special. She can rip you in half… chances for either are 50/50.


    Miraka Red

    Miraka Gold

    I want to win something… Lol.

  123. dave3dclark says:

    @Oquies is your character usualy “thrown” into the action? lol.

  124. Galactic Ketchup says:

    @joel thanks! i can honestly say its the most random thing i’ve ever come up with :L

  125. Decolda says:

    Brute Fairy

    Zoe Magneta used to be a mouthy teenage girl who put people down for the fun of it. Her dream was to be rich and famous with the largest fairy collection in the world…

    One day a trickstar named Loki promised her one wish – Zoe wished have the abiltiys of a fairy, to fly and grant her own wish’s, but she insulted Loki by calling him names and making him feel small – so Loki cast a spell, she is to be a fairy as harsh as her words made people feel small… now Zoe Magneta is the Brute Fairy

  126. Gargoyle323 says:

    Stanley Donaldson was a computer geek on a work trip to Japan. While out at dinner,he was dared to try some “shashimi fugu” or Pufferfish meat. The fish is considered a delicacy, but can be fatal, if not prepared properly. Unfortunately for Stan, the toxin was not entirely removed. He was rushed to the hospital, where the doctors did not expect him to survive. But to everyone’s surprise,Stanley started to swell up like a giant balloon. Spines started to grow from his body as he grew to an incredibly massive size. After a few hours his body started reverting to it’s normal size. After many test, the doctors were amazed to find Stanley had no lingering health issues. He now had an immunity from the toxins of the fish. He discovered that he could “puff” up when angered or frightened. Also, consuming various amounts of the fish could alter the size and length of the transformations. Stanley decided to put his new abilities to good use. He would now be the deadly Puffer Man, using his massive size and the paralyzing toxin in his spikes to take down criminals. Keeping extra meat in his belt pouches,he was ready for all occasions. Puffer Man is born! Criminals Beware!



  127. dave3dclark says:

    Infinite Warrior. Uses cosmic powers to be one bad Mother.

    Share this photo with anyone by sending them this public link:

  128. Me, Myself & I says:

    Other than his huge size Edwin “Caber” Stewart was thought of as an average scottish lad by his family and friends. When he got run over by a car and subsequently lifted it off him they began to realize he had more than just ‘over active glands’. Well, one thing led to another and it wasn’t long before Edwin was drawn into the world of super powered hero’s and villains. All he wanted was to be a normal guy and live a normal life and still ties to as best as he can. Being that his identity is public he rarely gets a moments peace.

    As you can see from the link below, he often goes into battle with whatever impromptu weapons he has available, like uprooted trees, for example. Hense the nickname “Caber”.

  129. Gargoyle323 says:

    Very little is known about the man they call Quasimodo. It’s rumored that his mutated muscular body and scarred face were the result of an accident at a chemical factory he worked security at. Some say he found out about illegal chemical dumping and before he could get to the proper authorities, the mob got to him. He has only been spotted at night,hiding in the shadows and looking for those who would do wrong. Some say he lives at the closed down church on the outskirts of town,living in shame of his hideous appearance.People fear him even though he walks the streets at night, keeping them safe. He lives a thankless life,destined to be alone.

  130. The Imp says:

    Probably my last entry this time around.

    Warhorse is a Jordanian mutant gifted with super-speed, strength, and near-invulnerability.

  131. Galahad says:

    Pictured here is Dr. Kenneth Nguyen with two of his Battle-Mechs, DAVID and GOLIATH.

    DAVID is a man-sized military unit built for stealth and reconnaissance.

    GOLIATH is a larger unit meant to be on the front lines of a battle. His strength and near-invulnerability make him ideal for close-range hand-to-hand combat.

    Each unit is equipped with free-thinking AI and tactical response modules to perform independently without a controller. However, safeguards have been put in place to prevent insurgence. Each unit is aware of the other’s weakness. Should either unit go directly against programming, the other is programmed to destroy it immediately.

  132. Galahad says:


    War-Horse is a 50-foot tall mechanical battle-suit piloted by ex-WMC Capt. Josh Hunter. War-Horse is built for close-range hand-to-hand combat. Originally Josh was paired with War-Horse during his time in the World Marine Corps, but he has since gone rogue to fight injustices perpetrated by corrupt world leaders.

    Even though War-Horse is strictly a piloted unit, it does possess some low-level AI, so Josh thinks of War-Horse more as a partner than a weapon. The relationship Josh has with his suit is similar to that of Michael Knight and KITT from “Knight Rider”.


  133. Galahad says:


    John Henry Smith, like his namesake, lives to work the rails. His daddy was an engineer, and his grand-daddy before him. John Henry used to have a “no harm, no foul” attitude regarding train-jumpers. Lately, however, something’s been a bit… off… with the vagrants who ride the night rails. It started with a few simple robberies of fare-paying passengers, but then one of the coach riders turned up viciously murdered. Than another. And another. Now John Henry is fed up. Armed with his grand-daddy’s old steel hammer, he’s vowed to single-handedly make the railways safe for passage once more. Train-jumpers, beware… THE CONDUCTOR!!!

  134. Galahad says:

    Imp, I swear the name sharing between your character and mine is purely coincidental. I didn’t even see your entry until after I posted mine.

  135. Stonehenge
    Able to form stone all over his body and create weapons like spikes giant mace or change the aount of stone in a place on his body to make a giant fist or foot he can change the type of stone to like if he needs to be lighter he uses lithium although his defense will go down but if he needs super hard defense he can us granite but if he uses to much he would not be able to move.

  136. bezerkoid says:

    Entry five.

    It’s not known who the kid really is, as his mind is too severely scrambled. Experimented on by aliens, the torture unlocked “lost” human DNA and turned him into a monster. Being so mentally screwed up, he was dubbed “Kid Feral” by the media and always uses it as his alias now.

  137. Morzan says:

    The Junkie

    It was first spotted in Ethiopia in the form of a humanoid-formed pile of rocks and metal scraps. After an unstoppable rampage it reached the Dabbahu volcan and just jumped in. Noone knew what it was… and then it came again. It rose from a junkyard near New York, ran through the city demolishing everything in its way, and after reaching the Statue of Liberty, it seemingly knelt down and fell int pieces. After this incident it’s appearances became more and more frequent. Usually rising from dump piles, the people just began to call it the Junkie (Get it? junk-ie).
    After several showings in various cities like Chicago, Berlin, Budapest, the scientists defined it as a huge magnetic field, but they still don’t know where did it come from, what does it want or how to stop it.

  138. Gargoyle323 says:

    Penny Hyde-Smythe was a normal girl until her 16th birthday. After that her body mutated to a metallic alloy form which was pretty much indestructible and gave her incredible strength. She was asked to join a global team of teen heroes that patrolled their homelands and could unite if needed. She chose the name British Steel,in honor of England, where she lives.

  139. Gargoyle323 says:

    @Morzan(163)- That’s so neat! I have been toying with a similar design,which I must now scratch(sigh).Really nice job.

  140. Morzan says:

    @Gargoyle, Atomic Punk (165, 166)

    Thank you guys! Gargoyle, I bet you still have got plenty of great ideas.

  141. Gargoyle323 says:

    @Morzan(163)- Even though I had a similar idea as yours, mine would not have turned out anywhere as great as yours did. I was really wowed when I saw it. You did an amazing job on it!

  142. Gargoyle323 says:

    I had to do this one…

    A magic pendant placed around the stone creatures neck brings him to life. He is centuries old and was the protector of his master’s castle. He and his brethren were turned to stone when a evil wizard cast a spell on them. He now serves the city as it’s protector. Every evening he awakens from his frozen state to seek out evil. At daybreak he returns to the rooftops,where he will return to his lifeless form,until night falls again.

  143. Galahad says:

    @Morzan(163)- Honestly at first glance I thought yours was a photograph. It’s that well made.

  144. VonMalcolm says:

    PAINFUL: If there is one bug above all others that I would like to see HeroMachine fix it is making sure that a saved character is completely safe. I was just 99.9% done with a character and was getting nit picky when HeroMachine went bonkers: no problem right: I had my character saved a couple times: WRONG only half the character returns, even on an older save. Ouch! I should have done a print screen or a save to my hard drive when I had the chance!

    This isn’t the first time this has happened, but this is the closest I have been to being done before having the rug pulled out from under me. Frustrating!

  145. Galactic Ketchup says:

    Monkey (entry number two)

    Monkey was born the son of Xu Wachan, the Ancient God of the elements, and Mishi Kakiji, a beautiful villager who he fell in love with as soon as he set eyes on her. Bearing the mark of his father upon his chest, Monkey was heralded from birth as the first Demigod the world had ever seen. However, on his 18th birthday, his life was turned upside down. Bandits raided his village, killing his mother and desecrating the temple of his father. Distraught, his father came down from the heavens to console his son. He bestowed upon his son his staff, Mishi, which he carved from the tree he planted on the day he met his wife as a symbol of his love. He had to return to the heavens, but before he left he showed his son where the bandits had fled to. Now, he travels to the west, preparing himself for the battles ahead and making friends along the way. He will find the bandits who killed his mother. And he will kill them.

    This is a character I originally intended to enter into the Art Martial contest, but computer problems thwarted me :L so he’s here now, at last.

  146. Zeralith says:
    Lindelkothamm is a powerful demon sent to hunt down an angel who recently appeared on Earth. His huge muscles have a habit of slowing him down, which is why he was equipped with mechanical boots that increase his speed. Because who says demons can’t have access to technology? He also has robotic wings that allow him to fly. His sharp claws and massive strength can defeat almost any foe, and he can also summon spectral Hellbeasts to help him in battle.

  147. Danny Beaty says:

    @Morzan: Wow! Your entry of The Junkie is fantastic! I think you just won the contest! Excellent job!

  148. Molly B Denum: A model for mayhem

    @VonMalcolm(171): Yeah, I’ve had that problem lately. Especially for this contest. I’ve been posting screenshots instead of the usual PNG download because Items save in different locations or are chopped out of the picture.

    I save often then re-load should HM lock up. Sure enough, some Items revert to their original Size, Rotation, and Location. Masking is lost.

    It’s time-consuming, but I write down Item settings when something is “just right”. That way, I can just plug it in should HM go haywire. It’s also why I haven’t been cranking out characters like I usually do.

    Trust me, I hear you. Went to tweak a couple of characters, but started to get a little frustrated. I just chalk it up as a bug. To quote Elwood Blues, “What do you want for nothing? R-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-ubber biscuit?” 🙂

  149. Galactic Ketchup says:

    @Morzan When I saw your picture of The Junkie, a tear crept out of my eye, because I knew that there is no way in hell that I can possibly beat that. That is beautiful, my friend. :L

  150. Galactic Ketchup says:

    @VonMalcolm I know your pain, thats exactly what happened to me with Monkey about 10 times in a row, which is why I had to enter him into this instead of CC41.

  151. VonMalcolm says:

    The Sinister Seinfeld Crew has taken over Manhattan; the only thing for the rival Van Buren Boys to do is to hire a Cleaner: The Newmanator!

    HeroMachine’s Newman went wacky on me right before I was finished: NEWMAN! Jerry was right: Newman is pure EVIL.

    @Atomic Punk & Galactic Ketchup: Save and reload before problems start happening: I think (hope) that is the secret.

    Also, a link to a Star Wars themed Seinfeld art piece:

  152. What everyone has already said already, your entry is amazing, Morzan 😀

  153. Wild Card says:

    Carlos was a big baseball fan and a promising power hitter till an accident at nuclear plant left him with metallic skin that made him though as steal, stronger and faster. He now call himself “Batter Up” and use his special made bat to fight crime.

  154. Kenny says:

    i think i made a good hero for this contest but i dont know how to upload it will somebody email me and and explain how to upload a hero?Thank you

  155. VonMalcolm says:

    @Kabare: Devlin reminds me of a Fantasy Chirgurh (No Country For Old Men).

  156. Galactic Ketchup says:

    Ninja (entry number three)

    He is not just a ninja. He is THE ninja. You won’t see him coming. But you’ll definitely feel it when he gets there.

  157. Galactic Ketchup says:

    King of the Scarlet Dragon (entry number four)

    Zasalem Khan is the fifth King of the Scarlet Dragon. His race, the Dragonkind, are hybrids of men and dragons, and are all tall, strong and fiercely proud. On his chest is chained the skull of his father, who he killed in mortal combat to take his throne. He tears his enemies to shreds using his razor-sharp claws, which are capable of slicing through armour as though it were cloth, and he wears no armour on his lower legs and feet, as his kicks are so powerful any armour would crumple like paper. His sons are almost of age, and he now trains in preparation for the day when he will fight them to the death for his throne…..and win.

  158. Bessebiscut says:

    This one is from my Corporal Marshalled series.


  159. ajw says:

    THe gargoyle sampson was once completley stone until a jogger happened upon a secret meeting of the occult who in turn bound him to stone but as the moon hit him a day later he found new life as Sampson the strongest of the gargoyles, and eventually the light magic allowed him to exist as ahuman by day.

  160. Okay, I am getting a little frustrated. I am having the “missing Item” bug couple with this odd “reversion” where the character I’m working on suddenly reverts back to a previously saved state.

    I want to clear my Temporary Internet Files and Cache, but I’m worried that I will lose my Saved HM files. Not the JPGs or PNGs, but the cookie or whatever file where they are stored.

    Saving those files has been covered before. But I can’t find them on my laptop under “Temporary Internet Files” or “Cookies.” Help, please!

  161. Jeff Hebert says:

    Atomic Punk,

    Sorry for the frustration, that’s pretty bizarre. I can’t imagine what’s causing that … weird.

    For what it’s worth, here’s the save file info:

    The saved Flash shared object library files (.sol for you Windows users) are LIKE cookies, but they are NOT actual cookies. They are not stored in the shared internet data files and will not be deleted if you erase all your cookies. You can only remove them by right-clicking on the movie, and going to Flash Settings, removing them there.

    Violodion found them in his Windows installation at %AppData%MacromediaFlash Player#SharedObjects\www.heromachine.comhm3

    He was able to copy those and move them to another computer in the same directory and load his characters there.

    On my Mac they are in HD / User / / Library / Preferences / Macromedia / Flash Player / #SharedObjects / / / hm3 / heromachine3.swf / hmcharacters.sol

    Hope that helps.

  162. @Jeff: Thanks for the quick response! It does help. Just knowing that I can backup the Flash file along with the individual PNGs. This time I printed the instructions!

    I’ll post an external link to screenshots the next time HM bugs. I don’t think I can simply explain what happens without someone next to me following along.

  163. Vejut says:

    Though once a ordinary crocodile in an upland Virginia tourist attraction, a chemical spill on a nearby rail line exposed Zilla to chemicals which gave him enormous speed, strength and durability, as well as average human level intellegence, but unfortunately, no voicebox. The night groundskeeper, Tim Jones, originally startled by the croc getting up on two legs and making pleading motions, helped Zilla escape to a nearby national forest, where he preys on poachers and other ruffians. During winters, they share Jone’s trailer for gruelling daikaiju marathons.

  164. Golem: Alptraum von Warschau.

    @Jeff: I wiped everything clean in Flash. Still was having some problems, but they up and quit. I’ll try to replicate the error again. The problem comes in when you try to switch Items but the Items listed are not in the new category.

    For instance, I went to select Headgear > Modern but the Items displayed were for Ears > Standard. From there, I couldn’t add or delete. So I would re-open and re-load my last Save. When the character re-loaded, he was missing all sorts of Items. Not “invisible” but gone.

    If I could pinpoint when it started, about the time you added the new Legwear. Which are great, thank you. But that’s my point of reference.

  165. Me, Myself & I says:

    @The Atomic Punk (201)

    This has actually been occuring ever since I’ve been using the program. I am certain it does not relate to just the recent additions. It actually occurs quite frequently.

    I believe Jeff is familiar with it from other posts I’ve seen and is intending to fix it. If I recall correctly however (and someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) Jeff said that the issue was likely not going to get resolved until closer to the end of the Alpha testing.

  166. Jeff Hebert says:

    MMI is correct, it’s all tied with how the pieces are tracked in the program, how they’re loaded and sorted, etc. All of that has to be rewritten at which point I can address the saving and loading.

  167. Cliff says:

    @Atomic Punk.
    I’ve actually had that problem of wrong pieces since I have used the Hero Machine 3, Of course it doesnt happen all the time, it seems, for me, that it is when I have done a lot of work and my computer is just full or something. I have learned to empty my cashe before hand … although that is sometimes a problem since it has to load fresh every first time I coose Head, Body etc … and somethimes they “hang” so then I have the Loading bar on it forever and have to just start over.
    but I have learned ways around the worng objects popping up when it doesnt freeze the entire machine. I will bury the “wrong” object and make it invisable then if it was says a leg that I needed and cants use, I try to find the matching peiece in Spandex, or make the object out of something fiffent, I had to used a totally black bare foot as a shoe once, even though I had wanted a brown shoe, although that would have shown toes. basically all I can say till it “fixed” if it can be … is to, as others have said, save often.

    Despite the bugs … this is still the best thing going, and my MAJOR scource of entertainment … and creativity.

  168. VonMalcolm says:

    I wasn’t planning on adding another entry but an idea popped in my head:

    Dra-Goon (I was thinking about making DRAG-Goon: A Goon in Drag, but I decided against it.)

  169. @MMI(202), Jeff(203), Cliff(204):

    Thanks for the tips. I work around these bugs. For some reason, they were really bad this time around.

    Again thanks to Jeff, I found where Flash stores files in Application Data. Wiped out almost 1 GB of junk from other websites. Man, what a difference! I doubt it has anything to do with HM’s Flash program but it helped my surfing overall.

    @VonMalcolm: Dra-Goon’s link doesn’t work. There’s a thumbnail but not the full-size image.

  170. VonMalcolm says:

    @ The Atomic Punk: Thanks for the heads up: I reloaded the character: DeviantArt has been moody lately.