Caption Contest 80 Winner!

The votes are in, and the winner of Caption Contest 80 is none other than Hammerknight!

He wins his choice of either any item he likes, or a portrait, either to be included in the final HM3 version. Congratulations Hammerknight!

I know there was grumbling last time Hammerknight won a contest (Character Contest 22) because he's a frequent contributor to the site with his Recipes, but this was a completely blind vote -- no one knew who put in which entry, and it was open to the general public for a vote. So it's fair and square and completely aboveboard, and a well-earned victory. He's not an employee or anything like that, just a guy who's good with the app and who's willing to share what he's learned. So no complaining!

Actually, on that note, anyone is welcome to send me a recipe you've come up with. Format the image(s) at no more than 620 pixels wide and send them to me ( and I'd be happy to post them if I have the time and space.

Congrats again to HK and the other finalists!