Jeff's Super Hero Fashion Tip #32: If you don't want to look like road kill, don't wear helmets that make your head look like a steering wheel and a uniform with tire tread marks on it.


A lesser writer would say something like "If only his uniform were a mirage, ha ha!" but I would not stoop so low. But I would never take such a cheap joke, I prefer to keep it high-brow.

This guy looks like he should opening at the Mirage in Vegas, ha ha!

That's me, Jeff Hebert, Classy Humorist.

(Image and character ©Marvel Comics.)

One Response to Jarhead

  1. X-stacy says:

    Are those henchmen in the back? They don’t seem to have jug handles, is why I’m wondering. Because if they aren’t dupes of Mirage, that means there’s only one dupe, standing so close to the original that Spidey could actually hit both at once if he just bothered. And, also, if you have henchmen–who are, you know, solid and armed and can actually fight or at least harm prisoners, what do you need the dupe for anyway?