The Kanji characters on this either mean "male werewolf" or "at least this gaijin is caught up on his sketches of the day". Regardless, I wanted something more cartoony.

7 Responses to SOD.188

  1. Oquies says:

    He looks like he could be a gnoll to me. Either way he is pretty awesome.

  2. Fabien says:

    I see a hunchback catman…. (:-) Perhaps a Kzinti from Larry Niven books.

  3. redvector says:

    A teenage mutant warrior werewolf. I like it. I always dug anamorphic characters.

  4. The Doomed Pixel says:

    I feel kinda weird throwing in some critique points here, and I realize this is more cartoony, but here’s something I noticed right off the bat, that you can easily fix in the future: the tail is kinda strange. Definitely not a wolf tail, it seems more like a horse tail. Wolf tails curl sharply up most of the time, and have the appearance of short fur on top and longer, fluffier fur on the bottom. Just food for thought 🙂

  5. Connor S. says:

    Doomed, good eye, but as soon as I read your “The tail is kinda strange” I noticed it, and yes, that really isn’t much of a wolf tail. But on with the sketch. Werewolves are like my favorite mythological monster, and it kind of looks like a ninja werewolf. I have only seen this case once before… Jeff you should really do like a realistic werewolf for your next S.O.D.

  6. Bael says:

    Could be a really buff Kitsune…

  7. Hammerknight says:

    That would be a nice head for HM3.