Poll Position: More fisticuffs

In honor of the upcoming "Thor" movie, I thougth we'd give the God of Thunder the same treatment as Wolverine in our last poll. To wit:


Verily and forsooth, mortal, we shall taketh our discussion to the ends of the jump!

  • Doomsday: He killed Superman, but can he kill a god? I don't know, but I'd like to see him try.
  • Superman: I feel like I have to put this in, because come on, he's Superman and people expect it. But I admit, the only way this would be interesting is if Thor is totally into it for the fun of finding a worthy foe, and just unleashes himself until finally he pisses Clark off. There aren't a whole lot of people in the DC Universe Superman can afford to get angry at, but I think Thor could handle it.
  • Green Lantern: I don't honestly think this would be all that close or competitive a matchup, as willpower will only get you so far against a god, you'd think. Plus, after it was all over you just know DC would make Thor put on the ring because OMGGodLantern!!1! To which I can only say, and I quote, "Bah".
  • Aquaman: Mostly I would want to see Aquaman get smushed like a bug. "Try and read the thoughts of the fish in this tornado I'm throwing at you, Fish Boy!"
  • Darkseid: This one I like. I like the angle of the New Gods teaming up with an Old God against their greatest foe, I like Thor having the chance to pit himself against the worst Apokalypse has to offer, I just like everything about it. Plus the crazy outfits on the New Genesis gang are that rarest of thing in the DC Universe -- costumes just as wacky as Thor's.

Those are my thoughts on it, but who would you like to see in that matchup?