3 Responses to SOD.144

  1. GreenBat says:

    Nice SOD. I really am enjoying the SODs. Can’t believe it started on Jan. 14 and today is May 23. Seems like yesterday.

  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    Thanks for the kind words, GreenBat. It has indeed been a long time, and there’s a lot longer still to go. Kind of intimidating. I’m glad to know you’re enjoying them, though, that helps a LOT.

  3. Connor S. says:

    Yeah, I never really comment much on how much I ENJOY the pictures as much as their pros and cons. I do enjoy the SOD’s very much in fact. They are a nice daily thing and I have a passion for art so it’s fun to get a new piece every day. Also your genre of art is what I find lacking in every famous piece of art. They lack STYLE. Ok, you made a picture of an ugly chick with a big nose. Where’s the fun in that? I like the impossible, like fantasy and superheroes, which you almost always make a picture of. I do enjoy art like Van Gogh’s Starry Night and such, but I would much rather have a nice fantasy drawing. But I’m ranting. Your drawing is really good this week, almost as good as the earlier Hawkman SOD. (If that’s his name. Not much of a comic person, but I like superheroes and stuff) I think he looks kind of posessed, what with the crazy eye and odd hand gesture. Also the jagged knife adds a good effect, while the robes are put in there nicely. Good one.