10 Responses to SOD.143

  1. William A. Peterson says:

    Is that supposed to be Lex, or just some other Bald Guy in a suit of Powered Armor?

  2. Firecracker says:

    This definately has to go into HM3

  3. Jeff Hebert says:

    Generic bald guy, generic suit of armor. Lex was the furthest thing from my mind, I never would have even thought of that had you not mentioned it. Maybe it’s that hose thingie on the back of the head?

  4. Worf says:

    Hmmmm You sure about that Jeff? even before I read the comments, the first thing that crossed my mind was Lex….

  5. Jeff Hebert says:

    Worf, are you seriously asking me if I am sure if I was drawing something on purpose or not? I may have lost my mind at some point, but even I am not that far gone 🙂

    I’ve only ever seen the Lex armor in passing, I had stopped reading Superman when that whole thing came to pass. I just went and did a Google Image Search for Lex Luthor Armor and I gotta say, I don’t see it at all. Other than the fact that it’s a bald guy in a suit of armor, this doesn’t look anything like Lex’s suit. Not even close. His is all about big angles and those giant neck brace things on either side of his head. This is more like a deep sea diving bell.

    I was just doodling while talking about Iron Man 2 on the phone with John (review tomorrow) and this is the basic sketch that came out of it, then I just tightened it up in Flash using lines and stuff. There wasn’t any real thought put into it beyond that. Definitely, emphatically, NOT Lex Luthor. Not that there’s anything wrong with Lex, it’s just that his armor is ugly and this isn’t him.

  6. coyote says:

    reminds me of exosqaud

  7. Jake says:

    I was just thinking how cool this would be in HM3. Lex was way out there.

  8. Worf says:

    Oh…..Kaaaaayyy….. (gathers himself from the floor after being slammed by angry rant) (JOKE!!!!) 😉 🙂

    Guess it has MORE to do with the fact that you actually did a pretty good likeness of Luthor’s face than with the armor itself. I GET IT that you weren’t going for that, but that’s what came out. And I’m 100% with you, on his armor. It has ALWAYS been ugly as hell, PLUS the green and purple color scheme does not work. at all. EVER.

  9. Worf says:

    Oh BTW, did I forget to say that I LIKE this SOD? I’d actually love to see the whole suit.

  10. Jeff Hebert says:

    Sorry Worf, didn’t mean to body slam you!

    I should do that Lex armor for Bad Costume Day. It’s really ugly. Although it is interesting how the character has evolved over time, he was a lot close to the get-actively-involved armor guy at the beginning than the cool corporate CEO he is now, starting with the Byrne reboot.

    But purple boxy armor is pretty awful no matter what. Maybe that’s why I reacted strongly to being compared to it!