Character Contest 34: Adventure!

We're going to try something a little different this week, and instead of having a very general theme for the character design contest, we're going to get very specific.

For this contest, imagine that you are the chief illustrator for a comic book company, and the creative director has come to you with a new character they want to launch by the name of "Cavalier". Here's the background information you are given:

Cavalier hails from another dimension, whose denizens have achieved a kind of material utopia. Energy, food, and shelter are free and abundant. Death by disease is a thing of the past thanks to advanced medical tech. With freedom from want has come freedom from war, violence, and aggression, as everyone lives in harmony with their fellow humans.

Naturally, some people find this state of affairs to be unutterably boring.

One of those disaffected people is an inventor (very much a rarity!) who has developed a machine that opens very small portals into another world. Our world, to be exact. Unfortunately, the location of the portal in the new dimension is immobile, and by happenstance is directly above the "Action Movie" rack at the local Blockbuster store, and after figuring out how to play the primitive discs these films become the biggest cultural hit in generations to sweep the world.

Ultimately they decide that one of their citizens should be able to travel to this exciting new world full of adventure, explosions, rippling muscles, and scantily clad women, where good always wins and evil always dies to the accompanying soundtrack of a hail of bullets and a witty one-liner.

A global contest is held, and the winner is properly outfitted with a costume, weapons, and (most importantly) an auto-record brain implant so he can send back his adventures to a breathless population in his home dimension.

Your job, Chief Illustrator, is to design the look of this new character. The editorial board has decided they want the book and character to be called "Cavalier", but what does the costume look like, what weapons will be wielded, will the comic take on a dark or humorous turn? All of these decisions rest on your shoulders. So get out there and be creative!

The usual contest rules apply: Post your entry in the comments, with a link to an image hosted on a publicly accessible web site, by next Monday when I will choose a winner. The winner will receive the choice of either any item, or a caricature of themselves, to appear in the final HeroMachine 3 product. No limit on entries, just make 'em good.

76 Responses to Character Contest 34: Adventure!

  1. Moognation says:

    Wow! That IS specific…

  2. eric vargas says:

    man i wish that i would have known about this before today monday the 17th. i have a lot of things to do today and i will not be able to join this contest. i hope to be able to join your next contest. thank you for your time and have a good day.

  3. Oquies says:

    I get the impression that “Cavalier” is a male but, is that necessarily a rule?

  4. Sutter_Kaine says:

    They couldn’t decide to go with a “Terminator” or “Road Warrior” look (80s action movies obviously being the biggest influence on the character’s appearance) and ended up stealing elements from both with a Steven Seagal pony tail thrown in for good measure. Because no 80s action movie would be complete without a pony tail.

  5. kyle says:

    i meant on number 5

  6. Oquies says:

    Meet “Cavalier” hes from another dimension having his own adventure in ours.

    I went with a very bad look because I figured since he is from another dimension the fashion there is much different. So, they just throw some clothes together that they have seen us use that they figured would help him “Blend in”.

  7. Jigglypuff says:

    Maybe try looking at Mad max for inspiration, too. It have some awesome ideas going on in there!

  8. Jake says:

    Jeff, where are the results of the Caption Contest?

  9. Fyzza says:

    Does he have to be human or can he be humanoid?

  10. Ben says:

    This is the first contest I’ve entered on here. I went for the muskuteer/knight look from ye olde action flicks.

  11. Fyzza says:

    This is my take on what ‘Cavalier’ would look like.

    As Jeff mentioned, his race come from a different dimension to us. I think that if an alternate dimension, then maybe the planet is different to ours, and the humans from their planet have different adaptations according to how their planet is made. In this creation, I have given the ‘humans’ Grey, seal-like skin, wings with clawed hands at the end, tusks and horns from the head, 4 fingered hands, and a tail. I’m guessing the auto record brain implant chip is under his mohawk.

    And less zoom:

  12. Jeff Hebert says:

    I tried to be careful not to include a gender pronoun, so Cavalier could be male or female. Or neither. Or both. He/She/It is from another dimension, so you can do whatever you like with it if you feel it fits the overall concept you were given.

    But remember, editors and comic book publishers are generally very cautious, so if you come up with some totally cool but radical idea, be sure to defend it with why they should take a risk with it.

  13. alex says:

    Project X aka Cooper, one of the first and last test subjects. Cooper is the most respect and most powerful of all the Cavalier, due to the transformation he had to endure. Cooper had all of his DNA changed, so he could endure Time travel and its beneifits, however he did not know the cost that this would come by. His memory was wiped during the testing (including the reason why he agreed to this testing), most of his armor is now his body making him almost invinible. Unlike the other subjects, he has a claw and wings that make it eaiser and faster to travel. Cooper does not have any weapons on him, becuase he is the weapon. He uses all the engery inside him to protect himself from unknown threats. Even though, his DNA is all screwed up and his memory is lost he still has nightmares. He does not know who he is or what his purpose is, all he knows is that he needs to follow orders to survive. This leads him to becom the Captain of his squade, which even makes it more tough for him to realize the fate of his past. Eventually, realizing the truth leaves the Corp., and is a fugitive, running through time, trying to find the questions and his true purpose in life. Oh way i almost forgot, if u noticed Cooper hair is gray and red, the gray is not becuase he is old it is becuase of the time traveling its drained out the color.


  14. Knitesoul says:

    I looked at the word “Cavalier” & I first thought of Westerns. So I made him into your typical Western masked hero. Lots of guns, for safety reasons.

  15. @Ben: Willkommen! And stay out of my head! I also thought of a Three Musketeers motif. :9

  16. Gero says:

    Here’s my first take on Cavalier. This version is one who was grossly misinformed on what a super hero should look like. Having gleaned information from various bits and pieces of action/adventure movies, he dons a costume and heads into our world, complete with a ray-gun, a beam sword, and his trusty teleporter/communicator–and not much else…

    And a head-shot, showing his communicator/recorder:

  17. Not an official entry, but a trans-dimensional hero. The name “Cavalier” inspired this bit of retro.

  18. Jeff Hebert says:

    Love that background, MartianBlue.

  19. MartianBlue says:

    Thanks Jeff. One Backplane Aura masked on another.

  20. BenK says:

    First-timer. Mine’s sort of a cross between He-man and The Terminator.

  21. Gero says:

    My next version of Cavalier plays on what Jeff said about them being from another dimension, and how gender may not even come into the equation. What if Cavalier’s people didn’t have a physical form that was similar to ours? How would he try to blend in? Would it work? Those are the questions I worked with to make this version, who’s basically made of thousands of spheres of energy, in the general shape of a human. Because it has no “brain” per say, this version of Cavalier is accompanied by a small robotic assistant, that will record its adventures in our world…

  22. Vengeance says:
    to add to what Jeff has said His cape is made of a element that allows flight it also is able to expand and take on shapes ( think Spawn+ The Cape( new NBC show) )
    also his head gear has enhanced vision i.e targeting, night vision, telescopic/microscopic vision information display
    gloves have stun/ taser

  23. Decolda says:

    The year is 2665 and the winner of the Cavalier had been chosen, this person can use the Cavalier to travel anywhere in time and record history for the world of Genentech.

    But soon a jealos rivalry is underweigh and Genetech is under threat by the evil Lincoln of Reamer.

    The leader of Genentech Mayor Kurx Lewis sent his finest troops out to war, but they are captured by Reamer and his army of aliens, mecha’s and robots.

    Mayor Lewis has no more pilots to send out to war and only has 1 more mecha able to take on Reamer’s army single handily and rescue the troops of Genentech “The Cavalier”

    The Cavalier’s shape of a human body allows the use of martial arts movements and swordsmanship, also it can transform into a two-four wheeled vehicle or a four legged horse. It has immense firepower and can reach speeds of 600mph under 10kgs of gravity.It can also cloak itself!

    Mayor Lewis knew that training a person to pilot a mecha would take 5-10 years, so he only had one choice…

    Scarlet a rogue criminal sent in and out of prison for stealing mechas and spraying graffiti over the mayors office, she’s reckless, a party animal and burps like a wild hog, Mayor Lewis assigned her to save Genentech, but Scarlet only agreed on one condition “she gets to keep the Mecha-Cavalier and design it to her liking”.

    Can Scarlet use the Cavalier to save Genentech?

  24. Idiosyncracy says:

    Cavalier. Yes, it was a good name. Smart, classy – What was not to like?

    Swinging her “Stick” for the last time – That was what they’d called it, her KaloThaum v0.4 (A gross oversimplification, but she was not going to bore them with that) – then looked at the time. There was still plenty left, before she’d go on her journey.

    She’d won the first prize, the journey into another world, and she was, for once, satisfied. Many people had tried their luck in the contest, bringing in whatever they’d been able to think of. Some had brought big guns, heavens only knew where they’d got them, others had brought swords, or even stranger things. It was all very varied, which was to be expected – After all, the rules had never been revealed.

    That in and of itself wasn’t that weird. A contest of this scope couldn’t really afford the reveal them – After all, there were so many contestants, so they’d need to see what they’d think of without any help. It was the first time that the reward had been so great, though, and as such, she’d brought all that she could.

    She knew what had won her the prize, too. It was clear, actually, in hindsight – Where most people had come as great fighters (For they were great, even the worst of them), she’d come as an entertainer, first and foremost. Oh, she’d brought firepower too – Her KaloThaum wasn’t only for show, a prototype as it might be – but her main goals had been to entertain. She’d given the judges (And the audience as well, for who better to judge here?) a good show, the best she could.

    It had, apparently, been enough. After all, she’d won.

  25. HecNukem says:

    Heres my attempt:
    I went for a futuristic knight feel

  26. Josh says:

    My first attempt was a futuristic man, the second was just mech.

  27. Brian says:

    My Cavalier is more alien and instead of a costume to hide in he uses the projector mounted on his right shoulder to create a hologram/cloak so that he looks “normal” to everyone. He also has a camera over his right ear that sends what he is seeing back to his dimension. With all the movies they watched the decided to merge the weapons of this world into one hence the rifle axe he caries to protect himself. He also has a universal translator so he speaks whatever language it hears around him.

  28. ChrisN. says:

    My first entry, tell me how it is.

  29. Danny Beaty says:

    Hi gang!


    The name “Cavalier” puts me in mind not of some dark, brooding character but of a light-hearted swashbuckler.

  30. AssassinKlown says:

    The dimension Cavalier hails from is one of peace and harmony. It is also one of little work and less strife, so the citizens have atrophied to what they are today.

    When the portal was opened, it (unfortunately) opened over the old Kung Fu-Samurai-Ninja discount movie bin. Soon after they figured out how to play those old movies, a craze swept their world and everyone was “HEE-YAH!”-ing and swinging swords about.

    In a random raffle, one man was chosen to be their champion and was prepared to go through the portal.

    Assuming that’s how Earthpeople lived, they set about making a costume for him. Due to the grainy texture of those old movies, in their not-quite-accurate screens the armor resembled wood . Not knowing any better, Cavaliers “armor” was made from plywood the scientist was able to reach from the portal.

    Although he knew he was supposed to go it alone, he talked the scientist who designed the portal into letting him have a machine to clone himself should he run into something he couldn’t handle. One night, in a fit of boredom and homesickness, he decided to make the clone.

    Seems the doctor has a sense of humor after all…

  31. AssassinKlown says:

    I forgot to add, the “jewel” in the headdress hides the camera, broadcasting and communication devices to keep in touch with his homeworld until his “prize” is over.

  32. Rico says:

    Ive pictured the guy being highly tech-ed but also a warrior being he beat everyone in his universe to get where he is

  33. Wild Card says:

    I figure most of his implants are internal including enhanced strength and access to a pocket dimension where keeps extra stuff as needed.

    For my first version I went with the road warrior look:

    For my second try I went with more of a para-military look.
    BTW the thing on his wrist is a control unit.

  34. Rhinoman says:

    As our hero,Cavalier, takes his final steps into the portal he takes a moment to wave to the many well wishers assembled on this perfect day.Properly outfitted by the kind citizens of his peaceful dimension, his weapons make him ready for any problems of the many genre that have stoked the imaginations of his benefactors. From broadsword to blaster, lightsaber to throwing stars, automatic pistol to ninja sword, armored breast plate to throwing knives, he is ready for his adventure!And to think, ALL of his quest will be recorded and enjoyed for generations to come! Fare thee well, Cavalier, fare thee well!

  35. Rhinoman says:

    Ok, a slight twist on said hero. Maybe he is a little bit reluctant to go on this great adventure! Although he is armed to the teeth once again, his benefactors were a little more inclined to the Mad Max genre. Oh, yeah did I mention he hails from the K9 dimension??

  36. UesugiWarrior says:

    In the capital city of Avalon a contest is held to determine the one person worthy of becoming The Cavalier, an entity based on the heroic figures known as ‘super-heroes’ in Otherworld. Their adventures are primitively documented but exciting enough for the citizens of their own dimension to want more. So the the top minds in Avalon came together and started the preparations to make one person more than human.

    The entire world watched with bated breath as the winner was announced: Eric Valentine. His face adorned magazine covers for months as he underwent genetic, cybernetic and extreme physical conditioning.

    Now exhibiting the classic traits of super human strength, incredible durability and self-propulsive flight he is transported through the portal, he one link to his home being the helmet which sends his every action back to the eager viewers.

    Eric Valentine has become The Cavalier!!

  37. Bloodless Rose says:

    Meet Drake Thornton, He is a prototype warrior for the C.A.V.A.L.I.E.R programme. Chosen from the Elite warriors of Outworld to journey into our world, complete with communication back to Outworld he has complex weaponry and armour system that allows him to move and attack at superhuman speeds.

  38. UesugiWarrior says:

    Change to my post:

    In the capital city of Avalon a contest is held to determine the one person worthy of becoming The Cavalier, an entity based on the heroic figures known as ’super-heroes’ in Otherworld. Their adventures are primitively documented but exciting enough for the citizens of their own dimension to want more. So the the top minds in Avalon came together and started the preparations to make one person more than human.

    The entire world watched with bated breath as the winner was announced: Eric Valentine. His face adorned magazine covers for months as he underwent genetic, cybernetic and extreme physical conditioning.

    Now exhibiting the classic traits of super human strength, incredible durability and self-propulsive flight, along with a cybernetic eye acting as a recording device, he is transported through the portal, he one link to his home being the nigh indestructible helmet which sends his every action back to the eager viewers.

    Eric Valentine has become The Cavalier!!

    (Just to clarify: his cybernetic eye is the recording implant the helmet acts as a cross dimensional transmitter)

  39. Fyzza says:

    Sorry, the first link is wrong. I’m having some VERY wierd link problems at the moment.
    heres the proper link.

  40. Fyzza says:

    and a slight redo, i might post a few more of these tomorrow and monday.

  41. Rhinoman says:

    Our story thus far: Cavalier, our hero, has entered the new world via portal. After landing amid the action movies and destroying a few video racks,he is greeted by rousing cheers and applause from the inhabitants (who think he is part of an elaborate publicity stunt)of this strange place. After dusting himself off and retrieving his weapons, he emerges out onto the sunlight,paved passageway beyond the glass doors. Now to start my quest, he says to himself…

  42. Rhinoman says:

    We find Cavalier just being drawn down into the portal as he begins his quest for fame and glory, not to mention world wide recognition!

  43. Brian says:

    2nd take on Cavalier

    a mechanical suit that boosts his physical abilities

  44. alex says:

    same story but a lttle different: Cooper is still looking for answers, but here is some things i ledt out
    His claw rips through time and that is how he travels
    His skin-armor is under his suit jacket, which he always wears becuase he is a gentlemen (as least thats why Cooper thiinks he does, but in reality his wife loved that jacket)
    He always dresses nice, especialy when he escapes, becuase he is ashamed of what he has become and what he won (imortaility)
    He loves his shotgun which he keeps on his back (he uses energy with it= bigger damage)
    and thats it pretty much, i think this one came out better:

    if link does not work im sorry

  45. Cliff says:

    Here are my two entries. First time I have ever entered one of the contests. The first is a bit more traditional Cavalier, but, a little futuristic.

    This one is a lot more futuristic, with some influences from Death Race 2000, Mad Maxx and Human Car Hybrid.

    I tried to do a couple of others but Hero Machine froze on me. So hope these two are good enough.

  46. Cavalier: “Jay Smith”, All-American kid from Peoria

  47. Rico says:

    this cavalier was infactuated with the dvds that were james bond

  48. Cavalier: Crime-fighting Martial Artist

    Gotta say, didn’t think that I could come up with more than one Character given the constraints of this Contest. :9

  49. Gargoyle323 says:

    Outfitted with weapons recreated from the movies, Cavalier was sent to earth to research from the shadows.

  50. Gargoyle323 says:

    Wearing a special armored suit, the Cavalier is aided by his eyebots which send info to a recording device on his chest.

  51. Gargoyle323 says:

    After chosen to be the Cavalier, scientist altered his body to give him gigantic muscles and a heightened healing factor. Using the alias of Rambo McCain, The Cavalier was outfitted with replicas of the weapons seen in the movies.

  52. Gargoyle323 says:

    This version of the Cavalier has a special suit that is weapon resistant and gives him the ability to fly. He also has two retractable pods that can record action or fire lasers for defense, if needed.

  53. Gargoyle323 says:

    This Cavalier hails from the utopian planet of Scicanix. After being chosen to be the Cavalier, he has studied the videos and trained to be an expert in all forms of hand-to-hand combat. Wearing a flexable armored suit and using a light blade, he has been training for two years at the Great Hall of Science for his trip to planet Earth.

  54. Gargoyle323 says:

    Trained and outfitted to be the greatest cop from the 80’s videos, The Cavalier is ready to shoot his way thru planet Earth.

  55. Knitesoul says:

    2nd version of Cavalier:

    Having watched various kung-fu movies, he wanted to be in those movies. He trained himself, following the training that he saw them endure & got fitted to look like a martial artist. Ready with a saber, high-tech glasses (to record his experiences), and a bracer (to help him for directions of the different world), he sets out to see what this world has got for him!