SOD.133 – Wonder Woman

Thought I might take a stab at a Wonder Woman redesign.

15 Responses to SOD.133 – Wonder Woman

  1. Jake says:

    I like it for the most part. I would get rid of that weird arm cape thing and probably stick with the classic shows, but I think everything else looks very cool.

  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    Hunh, actually the shoes are my favorite part.

  3. MartianBlue says:

    I like her shoes as well. She has a very Roamn/Greek feel. The wrist cloth/cape thingy, seems it would get in the way, but I understand it’s tie-in to the overall design.

    My honest opinion, It’s not that I don’t like it, It just seems like the upper half, and lower half should be two different characters. If the star pattern ran up to the eagle, it would pull it together better, but If you do away with the red, it pulls from the wonder woman look to much.

  4. Jeff Hebert says:

    I think that’s a great observation, MartianBlue. The upper and lower halves don’t really seem to tie in all that well … hmm, food for thought.

    Plus, looking at it again, why does a solid metal breastplate have a belly button indentation?

  5. Tim K. says:

    Nice redesign, I’d ditch the cape as well. I might try mixing and matching the red/stars/white to get a tie together between upper and lower bits. Although I do like how it is for the most part.

  6. Worf says:

    Overall it’s very good. I’d take away the “cape” thingie, and think about some kind of belt.

    I like the gold trim on the star bottom, but not a fan of the white outside. Maybe if it was closer fitting like the modern “bikini bottom”… Another suggestion would be some kind of armored skirt to tie it in with the top.

    On another note her right hand almost feels like it should be holding a sword or something… But that might be just me as I really like WW depicted as a warrior.

  7. Gero says:

    I don’t know why everyone is saying to get rid of the cloth; I think it really adds to the Greek theme. Her old costume didn’t really seem to have anything to do with her origins, and the cloth and shoes on this one really bring it home that she’s an ancient Greek.

  8. Worf says:

    I think maybe if the cloth was relocated… more of a shoulder drop could do the trick. I like the shoes, even might enlarge the wings on it a bit to make it more related to Hermes.

  9. Tigerguy786 says:

    I like it. I’ll agree the the white seems a little out of place, though. The cape would work better if it came up and attached to the shoulders making it a little more wing like. As it is, it seems like it would get in the way, but then on second though, the whole design could be “ceremonial” armor.

  10. Jake says:

    While the shoes look cool and are appropriate to the character’s roots, they are not very good for fighting. I think her classic boots would be better in a fight or some other closed toe shoe.

  11. Jeff Hebert says:

    Tell that to the Spartans, Jake 🙂

  12. Jake says:

    300 would have been a lot shorter if someone would have just stomped their toes. 😉

  13. Jigglypuff says:

    I say either get rid of the arm cape or move it up to shoulder height. I’ve always thought that arm-capes only looks good on Ororo Munroe(Storm) because it actually served a function, and that was to help her catch on the wind so she could fly higher and faster.

  14. X-stacy says:

    Actually, Jake, her toes are probably more durable than any shoes she could find. Except for her bracelets, and possibly the breastplate, her entire outfit is less sturdy than her skin, I’m pretty sure.

  15. Aeternus606 says:

    I like it, but does anyone else think she looks like Megan Fox?