RP: This week on "Super-hero Hidden Web Cam"

(From "Amazing Man" number 21.)

3 Responses to RP: This week on "Super-hero Hidden Web Cam"

  1. Joshua says:

    He peered down, finding what appeared to be a note pinned to the shirt: “What took years, a fortune, and a bending of the laws of physics is what you’re holding in your hands– a blouse, whose origins hail from the early 21st century. In that time, this silk garment from Michael Kors*, a man who won’t be born until the year 1959, is considered “fabulous”. Your instructions are simple: Don ye now this “gay” apparel and meet me at the Copacabana Club or the city meets its end; let me put it another way: tonight, either you’re flamin’ or the city goes up in ’em.


    Substitute-Teacher Snarl
    (Formally Professor Pout)”

    *Thanks to my wife for the bio on Michael Kors.

  2. Frankie says:

    It’s called a boner.(nowadays anyway, not in your era) You got it when you were thinking of men watching you undress, or dress. I’m not sure which, I’d have to ask Jeff. I think he was watching too.

  3. William A. Peterson says:

    Joshua, that was entirely demented!
    Have you thought of turning professional? 😉