Poll Position: Hangouts

Your question of the week (a day late) is:


Let's take a closer look, shall we?

  • The Batcave: If you'd have access to actual Wayne Manor, this would be pretty cool, because you have to figure Bruce has his own bowling alley, movie theater, stripper pole, etc. If you're stuck in the actual cave with the giant penny and whatnot, I can't think that would be very appealing. Bat guano makes good fertilizer but terrible potpourri.
  • Baxter Building: Located in the heart of bustling New York City, the historic Baxter Building offers many amenities any young man or woman on the go would enjoy. Residents, however, are encouraged to note that attack from giant monsters is a constant threat. Remember to wear your clean undies.
  • Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum: Also located in New York City, with all the goodness and strangeness that implies. Only moreso, because you'll be sharing a bunk with extra-dimensional demons and whatnot. For instance, you may find that the guest towel you are using to wash up is actually sentient.
  • The Fortress of Solitude: In real estate, location is everything. And the Fortress of Solitude, while cool, is in Antarctica folks. Plus, there's no way that key is going to fit on your key ring.
  • The Justice League satellite: If you have unlimited use of the teleporter, sign me up. Otherwise, the prospect of overnight watches with B-list heroes like Mister Terrific leaves me cold as space.
  • Titans' Tower: The twelfth time you woke up with Beast Boy as a snake slithering up your leg would be more than enough.

I'd have to go with location on this, along with who has the lowest daily weirdness / death quotient. Given that, I'd probably go with the Baxter Building. It's hard to beat that central location.

What about you, which would you choose and why? Did I leave one off you think would be better?