Poll Position: Girlfriends

We have a pretty simple question this week, which this young lady would like to influence:

And that question is:


Just to clarify, those ladies are Lois Lane (Superman); Lana Lang (also Superman); Mary Jane Watson (Spider-Man); Jean Gray (Ms. Marvel, Phoenix, dates either Wolverine or Cyclops depending); Betty Ross (Bruce Banner / Hulk); Carol Ferris (Hal Jordan / Green Lantern, she's also the super villain Star Sapphire); and Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow, dates Iron Man off and on, and Daredevil I think, and maybe Cap?).

Rather than me prejudicing the responses with a long drawn-out discussion, this week I thought I'd leave that to you guys. So have at it in the comments, run through the choices and give the strengths and weaknesses of each, and why you'd choose the one you did. I look forward to seeing how this shakes out, so to speak!