Good show, sir!

I love fantasy and science-fiction books, and since I've been interested in art since I was a kid, I often spend more time than your average bear (or Hebert, for that matter) staring at the cover art. Which explains why I love "Good Show, Sir!" so much; they profile particularly obnoxious book jacket art with good-natured ribbing. Right up my alley, and hopefully yours too! Here's a quick sample of one from the first page that made me laugh:

Eron Comments: The third in this utterly original series. Which features “Magick” with the added “k” which must mean serious fantasy is about to be had! In addition, we get a phenomenal rendering of the back of some random knight and a severely constipated dragon trying desperately to crap himself in terror at the War of the Worlds spaceship blowing the hell our [sic] of it’s [sic] castle with a laser that comes from nowhere.

I've added it to my RSS feed and it's always good for a laugh or two on lazy weekends like these, when you should probably be outside but aren't.

One Response to Good show, sir!

  1. Berserker says:

    wow all i can say is wtf
    this is making my head hurt