SOD.012 – Pencils

I hardly ever draw with anything but my Wacom tablet, and when I do it's almost always just a doodle while I'm on the phone or whatnot. Someone asked for a sample of that the other day, so here you go -- I drew this while talking with a realtor about an upcoming move. It's actually drawn with a ball-point pen on a piece of note paper because that's what's by the phone.

3 Responses to SOD.012 – Pencils

  1. Danny Beaty says:

    I can see this as one of many mechanical henchman (henchbots?).

  2. Joshua says:

    It’s a cybernetic HellBoy from the future.

  3. William A. Peterson says:

    And here I thought it was the Grumpbot Mark I, from Ronco!