Character Contest 31: The weapon's the thing

To coincide with our last RPG Corner, your challenge this week is something completely different -- if you come up with the best weapon design, you'll win either any item you like or a portrait of yourself, to be included in the final HeroMachine 3 Alpha program! And bragging rights, of course.

The idea here is to create just the weapon, using any pieces from any sets you want except for anything in the Body slot. I don't want to see androids or ninjas ("But their whole BODY is a weapon!"), I want to see something a character would use that exists outside of him or her self to cause damage. Otherwise the rules are as usual, only there's no limit of three this week -- knock yourselves out and submit as many designs as you think are good.

Just make sure you post a link to your weapon creation image hosted somewhere free on the web (the UGO forums, PhotoBucket, etc.) as a comment to this post, and you're good to go. I'll judge the winner next Monday.

Good luck! Bonus points and special consideration given to weapons that have a name and/or a brief description of them, similar to some of what was posted in the RPG Corner.