SOD.090 – GL


Not my favorite illustration. I was going for a cartoony version. Meh. They can't all be winners.

3 Responses to SOD.090 – GL

  1. Joshua says:

    Jeff, don’t be too hard on yourself, this actually turned out very well. Thank you.

    When and IF you sketch the Hulk, can you have a despondent Banner standing in front of him?

  2. GLs are my favorite superheroes. The “Batman: The Animated Series” barrel-chest in a suit two sizes two small. Like how the aura fades down the body. Like the concentration of the power is more from the mind / will than the ring itself.

    I always thought this would be a better interpretation. The ring more as a fetich which channels the bearer’s willpower not simply manifesting a bus-sized mallet to whack people.

  3. johnathon says:

    i thank it looks good man no lie.