SOD.081 – Bulletman!


Coloring done in Flash this time. I'm slowly getting the hang of it, I think. It's less flexible than doing it in Photoshop, but much much faster.

5 Responses to SOD.081 – Bulletman!

  1. Niall Mor says:

    Wow! Bulletman actually looks cool!

  2. cavalier says:

    Yeah, a small tweaking of the costume goes a long way to improving it.

  3. Loki says:


  4. kingmonkey says:

    Bah! You shoulda done the Bulletman from the toy ads– the one with the hot pants!

    Ooh! Or Bulletdog!

  5. Jigglypuff says:

    I’ve always wondered what would Bulletman looks like in the modern comics. Now I know. That pic of Bulletman is really awesome!