SOD.073 – Moose and Girl

(ETA: Headline changed, I unwittingly used a derogatory term originally. Oops. I blame Bullwinkle.)

13 Responses to SOD.073 – Moose and Girl

  1. Demented The Clown says:

    I So Want The Mooses Head lol. Meese xD Nice Work

  2. Danny Beaty says:

    Sarah Palin flies down from the clouds and says: “Kill moose and squaw!”

  3. Loki says:


  4. Bill says:

    You may want to stay away from the S-word it’s somewhat derogatory to natives and almost has as bad a conatation as the N-word in some cases…just thought you’d like to know being that I’m part native myself..Moose is Moose singular and plural..

  5. Jeff Hebert says:

    I had no clue about that, thanks for the heads-up Bill. I just needed a word that would sound like Squirrel to complete the Rocky & Bullwinkle “Moose and Squirrel” Boris voice that was ringing in my head for some reason when it came time to write the headline. And now as I write THIS, of course, it occurs to me that “Moose and GIRL” would be just about perfect. Never write headlines before coffee, is the lesson here.

    Apologies to anyone who was offended, I certainly didn’t mean anything by it.

  6. Bill says:

    It’s understandable…I’m not labelling you at all you simply didn’t know.. šŸ™‚

  7. The Imp says:

    Hey, I’m a native too! I was born in North America!

  8. kyle says:

    Canadian viking

  9. Bill says:

    “Hey, Iā€™m a native too! I was born in North America!”

    I can’t tell if you’re genuinely aboriginal native or just making a sarcastic joke that because you were born in the country makes you as such..

    When I said native..I meant aboriginal native of Canada not whether I was born directly here or not via centuries past immigration.. I’m related by blood of the first peoples indigenous to Canada..and squaw is derogatory (I’m thankful Jeff changed the headline)’s not something to be laughed at, twisted, poked fun at, or wise assed….some people

  10. The Imp says:

    Don’t assume, Bill.

    All I was trying to get across by that comment was that people focus faaaaaar too much on their ethnicity, their nationality, their whatever, instead of just being a human being along with the billions of other human beings. But some people would rather keep setting up dividing lines and boundaries and ways of subtley saying they’re superior to other peoples.

    And if you want to really get down to brass tacks, the only continent with a truly indigenous population is Africa. Every other continent was settled by immigrants.

  11. Bill says:

    My point was the derogatory use of the word squaw this isn’t something up for debate it’s a racial epiphet….not about other issues…

    First Nations of canada were in fact the first peoples in canada…and they were there when there was a land bridge joining the two continents by way of the Bering Sea…long, long before the white man, or vikings came…first nations were consistently abused, cheated, tortured, and ransacked (inexcusable for any culture)..this went on for centuries it almost wiped out alot of the tribes (aside from fights with other tribes)..hardly fair for indeginous people…I’m not angry at these generations (just their misconceptions and ignorance on the subject)…It’s important to maintain a countries base heritage it’s roots like every other country should.. which is why the government aids our peoples now..I don’t put myself on a higher pedestal than pure white people either we are all in this together..but that doesn’t excuse poor taste in words..Jeff was just ill informed..I can respect that..but don’t argue idigenous when everything out there you read, or knowledge that is passed from generation to generation converses to the contrary..that first nations are indeed considered idigenous peoples of canada..