Character redesigns

The gang at Project: Rooftop have a cool new feature where they redesign an old public-domain character along modern lines, kind of like we've done a time or two with character contests here at Their first pass is with "The Red Cross":


However, they've overlooked his greatest enemy -- the hypervigilant copyright attorneys employed by The International Red Cross. They're almost as vicious as Girl Scout lawyers!

I always like the thoughtful super-hero fashion design stuff at Project: Rooftop, and this looks like another great feature.

5 Responses to Character redesigns

  1. Danny Beaty says:

    There was a similar character in the Golden Age called “War Nurse”. Is War Nurse in the public domain?

  2. Jack Zelger says:

    I’ve been making my way back through that site, looking at all the redesigns. I’m very impressed! They come up with some great designs by some great artists. I’m now itching for a redesign contest here!

  3. Danny Beaty says:

    Howard Johnson is right! We DO need another redesign contest!

  4. Gregory C Giordano says:

    @Danny Beaty- War Nurse is in fact in the public domain, enjoy!

  5. Danny Beaty says:

    Thanks Mr. Giordano! I’m guessing you know quite a bit about the history of comic books.