Character Contest 29: Armorium

In honor of the wee-inducing release of the Iron Man 2 trailer today, Character Contest 29 challenges you to come up with the best "Power Armor" character you can. If you are chosen as the winner, you'll get either any item you like, or a portrait of yourself, to be included in the final HeroMachine 3 release.

Contest rules are simple:

  • Create a character using any version of HeroMachine you like;
  • Post an image of that character on any publicly accessible web site (like PhotoBucket, ImageShack, the UGO Forums, etc.) and put the link to that image in a comment to this post;
  • Include the name of your character and a one-sentence summary of their powers or personality, something to quickly identify them for the viewer.

I'll pick the Finalists next Monday, though this time we'll go back to the old system of me just picking the Honorable Mentions and overall winner, by request in the comments.

No limit on entries this week so knock yourself out!

80 Responses to Character Contest 29: Armorium

  1. Demented The Clown says:

    Sweet, Imma Have To Start Making Characters Again, Whenever i Can Find Some “Inspiration” ;o]

  2. Danny Beaty says:

    We’re going back to the old way! YAY!

  3. vampyrist says:

    Reaper is the newest suited threat to appear in New York. Wielding an energy scythe and a suit, he is extremely deadly.

  4. DiCicatriz says:

    In an alternate timeline in which the superhero Civil War continued until the majority of America’s superhuman populace was imprisoned in the negative zone, Tony Stark needed an unquestioning and merciless enforcer to keep order at Negative Zone: Prison Alpha. Merging Spider Slayer and Deathlok technologies with his own designs, Stark created:

    And partly because of his setting in the Negative Zone and partly because I was having fun playing with color:
    Arachnicide: Presented in Nega-Vision!

  5. Prime says:

    This is Prime. He is a failed ESP (enhanced soldier project). His abilities include high strength, enhanced speed, the ability to siphon electricity to either heal or attack, and of course the experimental suit he wears that augment these abilities even further. The processes that created him left him near insanity, and caused his need to escape from ‘termination’. Now he fights the US military and their enemies, as both sides want this ‘weapon’ for themselves.

  6. Vengeance says:
    This is Ice Box The Cryo-suit gives him control over his ice powers
    This suited dark avenger goes by the name Black Moth
    Union not only is he/it is the suit
    His name says it all
    War Blade ’nuff said
    The Mechas able to increase mass and size to just under 100
    feet these are the guys they call when Toyko is getting stepped on

  7. RJ mcd says:

    former security guard fred maxwell’s brain was put in a armoured shell with many weapons at his disposial but due to his inability to feel emotions the head of the project named him tin man .

  8. The Imp says:

    1. Dragonfly – a lightweight armored suit meant for covert operations, night attacks, etc. Developed by Dr. Rachel Flynn, seen here wearing the prototype:

    2. Victorian Steam Robot – not strictly a suit (although it can be modified into one 😀 ). A product of the finest British engineering, it first saw action during the Crimean War of the 1850s:

  9. The Imp says:

    An armored suit used by the Kaiser’s army in an alternate 1940s:

  10. Kaldath says:

    The Tech Angel, clad in a light weight protective Power armor which enhances her speed and dexterity, the Tech Angel is armed with both a heavy Sonic Cannon and high frequency Plasma sword.

  11. vampyrist says:

    The teenage technopathic crimeboss, Checkmate.
    His two lieutenants. The light dagger throwing Knife.
    The cryokinetic Frost.
    The suited villain with laser gauntlets, Teslan
    Don’t know if this counts, but here is the merc, named Frame, with a frame that allows energy manipulation and superstrength.

  12. DiCicatriz says:

    When Living Laser was shunted across the universe by Jim Rhodes, his light form was damaged to the point of dissolution. In his adventures returning to Earth he made use of a powerful alien armor which could both house his energy form safely and channel it in powerful and destructive ways!

    Nanite- a military engineer working in nanotechnology, Alexander Edison invented a specialized suit which housed billions of sophisticated machine particles. These particles can expand outwards and make use of hard-light technology to project energy constructs.

    Flyboy- an airforce pilot turned superhero after being bonded to an experimental rocket propulsion armor, capable of moving several times the speed of sound with a range of advanced energy projection weapons.

  13. Demented The Clown says:


    MidKnight Is Stuck In His Purple And Glowing Green Robotic Armor, Because Without Its Life Support System He Would Die Of Organ Failure. He Can Fly With The Jets In His Boots, Has An Array Of On Board Weaponry And Beams. The Suit Runs Off Of A Rare Diamond Like Man Made Compound Known As EF-556. It Recharges This Compound With Movement, Sunrays, Radiation, Electricity, And Kinetic Energy.

  14. Demented The Clown says:

    Captain Steam, Based On The Steampunk Style

    With Strong Bionic Gloves, And A Steam Powered Jetpack, He Rules The Sky.
    Flying Around Kicking Ass, And Saving Babies. His Powers Derive From His Advanced Brass Mechanized Jetpack, That Also Powers His Bonecrushing Gloves. With The Endurance Of His Gloves, And Propulsion Of His Jetpack He Can Lift 100 Times His Weight. The Brass In His Jetpack And Gloves Is A Super Strong Brass From Jupiters Moon.

  15. Danny Beaty says:

    A laid-off security guard is chosen to be the Gray Guardian. The GG suit of armour is impervious to bullets and bombs; it gives the wearer superhuman strength, speed, and the ability to super leap.

    A scientist builds a super powered, impervious flying exoskeleton and fights crime as Exo-Man.

    A double-crossed hitman steals an impervious flying suit of armour and declares war on organized crime as the high flying avenger Airstrike.

  16. El Jefe says:

    Alien temple guard
    His mecha-suit gives him superiour strength and protection
    It also contains a saw-blade.

  17. TopHat says:

    Project: PATRIOT, designed to be Americas robotic guardian and beacon of hope during the Cold War. Can fly at sub-sonic speeds, can lift in the region of 80 tons and has a kinetic force-blaster on one arm. Personality consists of pre-recoded anti-communist messages.

  18. Riddlerclue says:

    Sorry forgot summary. Heh.
    Anyways, Jim Barr was the son of a police officer, who was killed by an unknown assailant during a shooting. He wanted to join the police force, but was rejected due to his physique. He was however known for his skills in robotics, and genetics. The Army hired him to work on a secret project code named: BULLETMAN. Jim managed to create a formula which increased his strength, a jetpack, and an advanced suit of armor which was bulletproof. But his greatest invention of all was the Gravity Regulator Helmet. This helmet protected Jim from the forces of gravity, letting him propel himself like a bullet, with no injury. Jim was, at last, able to avenge his father by fighting crime as: BULLETMAN!

  19. The Imp says:

    A couple more.

    The Green Ronin is the guardian of Japan:

    And Yellowjacket is one I did quite a while ago, but I always liked the way it turned out, so I thought I’d enter it here. He’s pretty much an Iron Man rip-off as far as back story goes:

  20. Danny Beaty says:

    Hi Ridderclue! Welcome to HM3!

  21. Danny Beaty says:

    Silly me! Hi Riddlerclue! Welcome to HM3!

  22. DiCicatriz says:

    Bit of a goofy one, but I think he looks tough!

    Oscar Alvarez de Icasa was a child prodigy enrolled in a prestigious technical school as a gifted pianist and engineer. After his gambling father’s debts cost him his hands and the rest of his family, Oscar developed a powerful set of armored limbs and a pair of energy gauntlets which he uses to gain his revenge on the criminal underworld as MANOS!

  23. InkGun: A tattoo artist who thought it’d be cool to have a powered-suit of armor that shoots flames from it’s fingertips.

  24. Worf says:

    I thought we could do with a bubblegum inspired power suit, so here it is:

  25. Mr.Vampire says:

    Is it Jane Jetson?
    Joan Jet?
    It’s… Jet Lilly!

    Version 1:

    Version 2 (is not as nice as version 1):

    Her background story is so shrouded in mystery that not even her characters creator knows it.

  26. Mr.Vampire says:

    Ooops, forgot to mention that Jet Lilly was made with HM Classic!
    Proving that Old school is not old hat!

  27. Aaron says:

    Supersonic flight at Mach 3
    Energy repulsors
    Variety of offensive and defensive weapons including missiles and laser blasters

    IronHAwk:advanced suit allowing flight, superhuman strength, and energy blasts

    Jet:Superhuman strength
    Air Jets and wings
    Laser Cannon
    Advanced Sensors

  28. Fernando says:

    Beetle Bot

    1) He has a plasma cannon.
    2) It has a clamshell so sharp it can cut up a diamond.
    3) It flies with their wings, and you can hide it in his body as well as the beetles.
    4) His antenna transmits messages to his superiors.

  29. CPrime says:

    This is Kubernan. He is a member of the Squadron Prime. His technological armored suit can withstand any nuclear blast. He can also fly and release plasma beams. He also has lightsabers.

  30. CPrime says:

    Grapple. A member of the mysterious group of villains, the Millennial Horde. The origin of Grapple, like all of his compatriots, is unclear but what is known is that they appear to be from the future. They seem to have come to this time to stop one key event from happening and have targeted the Squadron Prime, but for what purpose is not known. Grapple is a cybernetic human whose limbs can grapple onto any object. His hands and feet can be projected similar to grappling hooks. Grapple can also interface with any electronic system.

  31. Demented The Clown says:

    Joe Blue
    Has Many On Board Plasma And Missile Weapons

  32. DiCicatriz says:

    In a future where feudal chaos reigns, Raymond Nabokov developed a powerful set of armor to protect his community from roving gangs of cannibals and ambitious feudal overlords. Possessing supersonic flight, superhuman strength, a wide array of sensors and a number of energy weapons, Nabokov gives hope to the masses as the emerald knight: VERDANT!

  33. Gades says:

    The colonists that came to the small planet Kyotar thought they had found a vibrant world full of fertile grasslands. And they had. But they never knew the planet was populated with bloodthirsty centaurs….and their champion, Attila!

  34. Hakoon1 says:

    Is it cool if we use pics that are already made and posted? If so here is Robomaticon MK3, 4, 5 and 6.
    Basically, Rob Ot was a scientist whose facility was robbed of life saving equipment, so he built a suit to track down the crooks. He ended up making more of them and becoming a superhero. Powers are kinda obvious (weapons etc.).
    I would post MK1 and 2, but they were done with HM2.5.


  35. Riddlerclue says:

    Mortimer Gloom was a mob boss who tried to make up for his crimes after his son was killed in a shoot-out against a rival gang. At 79 years old, Gloom had amassed a large fortune, and began to donate it all to charity and endeavors that would help mankind. One of his projects was a synthesis of human and machine parts, that would, in theory, give one immortality. Gloom soon became obsessed with the project, due to his fear of death and his old greed resurfacing. He decided to preform the process on himself with devastating results….
    Rest of the origin will be poster with the second version since it’s y’know…kinda long….

  36. DiCicatriz says:

    A.E.R.I.E- Gail Summers, a military engineer working in weapons division, was put in charge of developing an interface system around a mysterious alien artifact that negated the laws of gravity. To this end she developed the Aerial Executor Robotic Interface Exoskeleton, eventually becoming its pilot. The alien artifact is at the core of the armor, among a number of other features including: onboard navigation systems, pulse cannon, and a number of secondary sensor/weapon arrays.

  37. Brons says:

    Heromachine V3 has a lot of good tech and transformer bits, so my first thought when I read about this contest was to look for the hard challenge in the area, and it seemed to me that that was a feminine power-suit character. My first (and perhaps only) entry is the result of this.

    Presenting Nikki Chopper, the “Robo-Girl”.

    Nikki was the victim of a series of terrible accidents, accidents that cause major parts of her body to be replaced with robot parts. Technically she’s a cyborg and not a robot, but several of the pieces of technology that went into her construction came from her cousin, twice removed, Bob Crane, the original Robotman, and so she honors him with her nom de guerre.

  38. DiCicatriz says:

    Anomaly- Rydra Venn is member of an extradimensional police force that intervenes on distant worlds whenever somebody threatens the integrity of the space/time continuum and the structure of the multiverse. Rydra wears an officer’s regulator suit which multiplies her strength by a factor of 20 and attunes her vibrational frequency to inhabit whatever dimension is in need.

  39. spidercow2010 says:

    KobaltXE is a powered exo-suit, heavily armed, amoral, and programmed to slay, with AI that overrides its wearer’s will. It built its own anti-grav platform.

  40. spidercow2010 says:

    On the planet of the Androarachnids, a top intelligence agent lost a pair of limbs in the line of duty, so their scientists rebuilt him as the Spidroid.

  41. Matt says:

    Before I post my picture can someone tell me if you think that my Gauntlet looks good or should I change something on it?

  42. Gades says:

    Originally designed as a harness to assist in the aid of earthquake victims, once the Government got involved, the 6-armed harness was modified into a suit, and the Green Giant was born! Or perhaps the New York Jets needed a WR who wouldn’t drop passes…..

  43. DiCicatriz says:

    The armored guys are fun! Lots of unusual body types to work with 😀

    The Relentless armor is piloted by First Officer Hank Norema, Anomaly’s direct superior and commanding officer. Possessing immense strength and several distinct weapons systems, including tactical nuclear devices and quantum explosives, Relentless is only called in as a last resort when multiversal disturbances need to be quickly and ruthlessly eliminated.

  44. spidercow2010 says:

    And this one goes out . . . to all the ladies . . .
    Mankind trembles before the wrath of Apynkalypse!

  45. TopHat says:

    The Terramancer. Using his specially designed harness he is capable of controlling the minerals on the planet. He is quite egotistical, and likes to flaunt his intelligence.

  46. Riddlerclue says:

    The Kol’Skra are an alien species that is against the stereotype that all aliens are horrible monsters that want to conquer the universe. So, to enforce their message, they have taken over a vast portion of the cosmos. Kol’Skra’s don’t understand irony, so this is a genius move to them.

    Their warriors are placed in power suits that give them mechanical spider legs, and metallic tentacles that fire deadly beams of energy. They are also encased in an armored shell, so their fluxokaws don’t get grffnd in half….That would make more sense if you were a Skol’Kra I suppose.

  47. Gades says:

    He was once a brilliant scientist and engineer working for the Government who had discovered a new mysterious blue energy source. When his family was taken hostage and killed for this energy source(because the Government doesn’t negotiate with terrorists), he turned all his rage and hate into developing a a suit powered by the energy. Destroying the Government base where he once worked, the scientist was no more, and the Red Phoenix rose from the ashes!

  48. Oni-San: Disfigured Yakuza assassin. The armor has flight, telescopic vision and super-strength. Oni-San uses them to run his enemies clean through. One would think that he would use the advantage of flight with a range weapon, such as a laser or rockets. Not Oni-San, he prefers an up-close, personal kill.

  49. Gene says:

    Here is The Guardian, leader of the Gateway Guardians.

  50. El Jefe says:


    Japanese cop who was fired, then he built a power suit to keep fighting crime

  51. DiCicatriz says:

    Kit Audley is a marine biologist specializing in deep sea exploration. Her Fathon biosuit is tremendously durable, and possesses high level superhuman strength to allow Kit to survive and move freely at such extreme depths. Her armor is equipped with an oxygen filter that recycles and purifies her own air, negating the need for traditional breathing apparatuses. The suit also has a number of sensory capabilities, allowing her to see in lowlight or pitch black environments as well as scan for various types of radiation. She can also make use of an electrical defense system to scare off any predatory or dangerous marine life. Fathom travels with a compact surveillance unit with sophisticated AI and recording equipment synced up to her communication systems.


    Fathom (at work!):

  52. Danny Beaty says:

    @Gene: Nice job on Guardian!

  53. Gene says:

    @Danny B: Thanks 🙂

  54. After his tattoo artist friend Smitz built himself a flame-throwing power suit and became InkGun, the Bobster asked to have one built for him. Smitz happily obliged (for a fee$$$). Now, the stocky former college fencer is Rum Runner. With his faithful parrot Morgan… well… you get the idea.

  55. Gene says:

    A couple more:

    The former villain, now a hero; Dr. Carl Reygas, AKA Insect

    Ans this is the villain Kurse. He hates costumed crime fighters with a passion.

  56. Gargoyle323 says:

    Meltdown, Arsenal, Lord Demonicous

  57. Aaron says:

    Super strength
    Various other armaments
    Variety of communication & sensor arrays

  58. Isia says:

    Jillian, Armed Forces reject, she joins a private company that specializes in space patrol. Personally she thinks they have a more sinister agenda.

  59. Anarchangel says:

    This may be too late but what the hell. You don’t win if you don’t enter.
    Major Tom is the bravest astronaut NASA has ever known. Strapping on a test rocket pack and blasting into the stars in search of adventure and alien women.

    ….Or something like that.