SOD.045 – Sci-fighter


11 Responses to SOD.045 – Sci-fighter

  1. The Doomed Pixel says:

    It’s okay, Jeff. He’s a jedi. You can just day it.

  2. Dennis says:

    Pixel, you do realise that the title is supposed to be a pun? 😛

  3. The Doomed Pixel says:

    Yeah. I was just trying to add my own level of funny! Don’t judge me!

  4. Loki says:

    I have a bad feeling about this.

  5. William A. Peterson says:

    Are you sure that wasn’t just an oddly decorated baseball bat?
    And, why doesn’t he have any legs? 😀

  6. The Doomed Pixel says:

    Mysterious floating jedi is mysterious…

  7. Tim says:

    4chan reference FTW lol

  8. Jigglypuff says:

    Nice jedi, Jeff. Alright, Have you yet to put up the entries for the hunter/hunted entries?

  9. Jeff Hebert says:

    No, Jigglypuff, it takes time to copy all the images, sift through them for finalists, sort them into a poll, put the poll together, write the post, and then put it up. Character contest stuff usually goes up in the afternoon because of the time it takes to assemble them.

  10. Jigglypuff says:

    I understand. It must be a tiring job for you Jeff. Have you even thought that some of the aspect of the contest could be done efficently if you have subfolders in each contest that caterogizes the images based on content, then a second folder that contains potential finalists right on your desktop. It would make your work much more efficent.

  11. Jeff Hebert says:

    Yes Jig, that’s how I do it — on Monday I go through the post’s comments, saving each image with the entrant’s name in a folder for that contest. Then when done I go through that folder and move the finalists into a “Finalists” folder. Then I upload just those to PollDaddy to put the poll together.