SOD.043 – Sluggy


This may be one of my favorite things I've ever drawn. I giggle every time I see it.

12 Responses to SOD.043 – Sluggy

  1. Demented The Clown says:

    *pets it

  2. Danny Beaty says:

    I will hug him and squeeze him he will be my veeeeeeery own!

  3. inferno1999 says:

    Slugs Rock!

  4. Joshua says:

    Jeff, you may giggle when you see it…but DAMN, I’m cringing 🙂

    *Throws salt at it*

  5. TheNate says:

    It looks like Mister Mind and Milhouse Van Houten had a baby.

  6. Dennis says:

    LOL, you just have to put that in Companions set, Jeff!

  7. Jigglypuff says:

    too cute! I really like what you did there!

  8. Ian says:

    *Demands a caption contest with it*

  9. Loki says:

    Jeff…Jeff make it the Site Mascot. 😀

  10. Jeff Hebert says:

    He WOULD be a good mascot, since that’s the face I make while contemplating a truly daunting illustration or programming task. Or egregious reader comment. Or … well, pretty much anything, really, abject horror is sort of a default state ’round these parts.

    I love his little hands too, sitting there ready to wring themselves in worry. And that he has no legs. I imagine him slinking around in a perpetual state of fear, screaming in desperation at every sight and sound. Poor little thing must be exhausted half the time.

    Easily one of my favorite drawings, ever. Sigh. I so rarely really like anything I draw, but this little guy has wriggled his way into my heart.

  11. Loki says:

    it’s Slimer’s little bother, Slugger!

  12. drummergirl4 says: