HM3: HandRight minor update

I just added a handful (get it?!) of items to HandRightStandard in the HeroMachine 3 Alpha. These are the additional hands from the BodyMaleAlternate set that weren't already in there.

6 Responses to HM3: HandRight minor update

  1. Hammerknight says:

    Great job on the hands Jeff, are you planning to add more feet soon? Like Werewolf feet and what not.

  2. Hakoon1 says:

    That’s *ahem* handy! See, I can make puns too!

  3. Matt says:

    Thanks Jeff, how about female hands next 😀 .

  4. Tim says:

    Got to *hand* it to ya Jeff, great job 😉

  5. lolzyboy says:

    about the hands i hav a problem where if i add a wepean the weapon will either be on top of the hand or underneeth it not being held by the hand

  6. Jeff Hebert says:

    lolzyboy, you have to use the “Mask” tool to make items look like they are being held in the hand. There’s a tutorial on how to do that here.