HM3: More alternate body pieces

I just updated the Body-MaleAlternates set of items with the upper bodies broken up into complete upper torso; torso only; left arm; and right arm. Next up will be the left leg and right leg, then the hands and feet will go into those slots.

10 Responses to HM3: More alternate body pieces

  1. NEON_N64 says:


    Are you planing on eventually separating the arms?

  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    You mean into upper and lower arms? Not in this set. Maybe if I do a Limbs set, but I don’t know for sure.

  3. Demented The Clown says:

    Nice Work

  4. Paul says:

    Any chance we cna get feline limbs and feet?

  5. HecNukem says:

    Hey Jeff what ever happened to the potential changes you were talking about
    ( )
    Are you still planning to do that?

  6. Gero says:

    Nice. You’re really blazing through this, Jeff!

  7. Tim says:

    Rockin Jeff!

  8. Jeff Hebert says:

    Yes HecNukem, those are still on the docket. I got into a drawing mode again for a reason I forget, but pretty soon I’m going to need to stop adding items for a while and focus on the code again.

  9. Zach says:

    Will you make shirts designed for specific poses,like if their arms are crossed?

  10. Jeff Hebert says:

    @Zach: No, there are no plans to do non-Standard shirts.