HM3: A hairy situation

I am happy to announce the release of the Female Standard set of items for the "Hair" slot in HeroMachine 3! With 79 items, 2/3 of which are brand new and the rest properly sized and positioned conversions from the Male Standard set (pony tails, bangs, that sort of thing), this is one of the larger sets to date. Hopefully you'll be able to find just the right combination to make your character come to life.

Many thanks to the folks who posted requests and suggestions in the last thread, they were very helpful. I wasn't able to use them all, but you should recognize quite a few from that list. Here are a couple of previews:


As you can see, some of these items are complete unto themselves, so you can just plop them right on her head, while others are pieces meant to be used together via the "Multiples" toggle. I tried to get a good cross section of styles and lengths, including some inspired by Anime.

Here's a quickie sample I did showing two different hair items layered one on top of the head, and the other behind both the head and the body, to give you a multi-dimensional look:


Note that I also put the ears on different layers, so her left ear on top to make it look like her hair is tucked behind it, while her right ear is covered. Layering can give you some really nice effects.

Hope you like the new stuff! Let me know in the comments if you see any particularly egregious omissions or errors.