HM3: High-waistin’

I just added seven new items to the Legwear-Female-Standard set for HeroMachine 3:


These are high-waisted hip sections of existing pants to allow you to dress your female characters in less low-slung legwear if you like. They work by choosing "multiples" for the Legwear slot, choosing the basic low-waisted pants you want, then layering one of these on top with the same colors. They cover up the zippers and such.

Separating out the hips from the actual pants should allow you to mix and match more flexibly. It would probably be a good idea for me at some point to do with Legwear what I did with tops, separating out the hip area and each individual leg pant portion. Something to think about down the road a ways.

And now, more Spandex!