Caption Contest 65: Bulletcharades

Come up with the best replacement dialog for this Bulletman panel and you'll win either a caricature of your gorgeous mug OR an item of your choice to be included in the final HeroMachine 3 version!


The rules are simple:

  • Leave your entry or entries in the comments to this post;
  • No more than three entries per person;
  • Keep it clean (appropriate for late-night broadcast TV).

That's even easier than falling down! I'll announce the winner next Tuesday. Make sure in your entry you indicate who is saying what, like so:

Bulletman: I think I might've crushed Bulletroach!
Bulletgirl: No, I think I snorted him in this nostril -- gross!

Good luck!

41 Responses to Caption Contest 65: Bulletcharades

  1. John says:

    BM: “Rock beats paper! Ha!”
    BG: “I’m sorry…what were we doing?”

  2. Isia says:

    darn he took my rock paper thing. oh well.
    bm: cmon, lets play rock paper scissors for it.
    bg: No, now for the last time get in there and clean that toilet.

  3. Tim says:

    BG: Okay one word, the topic is a strange movie from the 90’s
    BM: Ah…okay. Coneheads!

  4. Danny Beaty says:

    1. BM: Why CAN’T we have a baby?
    BG: Because the “bullets” you keep firing are blanks!

    2. BM: I’m tired of doing THIS every night!
    BG: Not until Friday!

    3. BM: Why don’t you like our helmets?
    BG: Because they look like suppositories!

    Not for consideration:

    BM: Honey, it hurts when I do this!
    BG: Then don’t do that!

  5. Cameron says:

    BM: Darn it Bullet girl, now is not the time for sloppy work!

    BG: i said that last week but you don’t here me complaining.

  6. Loki says:

    1. BM: Bullet! Bullet-Bullet bullet!
    BG: B-b-bullet??? BULLLLEEEETTTT!!!!

  7. Mike says:

    BM: Now honey, please sit still, we don’t want another child.

    BG: Would you be quiet! Bulletdog is having fun in the next room with Bulletpoodle. Now, punch me right here in the stomach. That should take care of things.

  8. Gero says:

    BM:Damn! I know my bulletgun is around here somewhere!
    BG:Hmm…Did you check in the other room?

    BM:We’ve got to convince the police chief to let us help!
    BG:I know! I’ll go ask his daughter!

    BM:…and then I smashed the villain into the wall of a building!
    BG:Is that what that hole in our living room is?

  9. John says:

    @Gero: your second entry is OUTSTANDING!

  10. Ian says:

    (all three of these are related, like multiple takes of the same scene a la Mike Meyers in Austin Powers movies)

    1. Bulletman: Paper! No, wait, rock!
    Bulletgirl: Get out.

    2. Bulletman: I like it best when you do it this way.
    Bulletgirl: Get out!

    3. Bulletman: Great Scott! Seeing your helmet reminds me of something we haven’t done in a long time.
    Bulletgirl: OUT!

  11. remy says:

    BG: Bulletman, look! a totally inappropriate and hilarious scene right over there!

    BM: By george, we’ve got to go add it to this month’s issue!

  12. Matt says:

    BM: Bulletgirl, have you noticed that we have huge seashells on our hea–

    BG: Shhhhh! I think I can hear the ocean.

  13. Gero says:

    @John: I just decided to capitalize on how clueless bulletgirl and her family always seem to be ^_^

  14. Loki says:

    2. BM: And then we goin-
    BG: Wait who are you and what have you done with my boyfriend!?

  15. Tim says:

    2)BM: One of these days, Bulletgirl! One of these days!

    BG: Yeah I know, right to the moon! Well my kisser is wide open, swing away!

  16. Niall Mor says:

    BM: Aw, Mom, do I hafta?

    BG: That’s enough out of you, young man! To your room this instant!

  17. TopHat says:

    BM: “I’m suffering from intense muscle pain!”
    BG: “Thank goodness there’s a pharmacy over there”

    BM: “Slamming my fist into my palm indicates that I’m angry!”
    BG: “I don’t care. I’m too busy trying to direct traffic”.

  18. Runt82 says:

    BM: “Susan, you know we can’t fly under the influence. Now touch your nose and say the alphabet backwards.”

    BG: “Z…Y…X…W…”

  19. Runt82 says:

    BM: “Are you pondering what I’m pondering, Susan?”

    BG: “I think so, Jim. But, if we give peas a chance, won’t the lima beans feel left out?”

  20. Aaron says:

    BM: Damn it….here comes my stalker who always dresses lime me….
    BG: Hi Bulletman….Look we’re dressed the same again….what a coincidence…hehe

    BM:Holy banana split ice cream Batman…
    BG:Wrong comic book dude.

    BM:If it weren’t for those damn kids and that talking dog….
    BG: You’re a moron

  21. Rendu says:

    BM: “I’ll get a brace and bit and drill ear-holes in our helmets!”

    BG: “Talk slowly! I’m having trouble reading your lips.”

  22. Firecracker says:

    BM: I’m telling you Bulletgirl … Rock beats Booger everytime!
    BG: NoseBullets!

  23. PCFDPGrey says:

    BM: Golly, Bulletgirl! When you said you could suck the chrome off my dome; I didn’t think you meant literally!

    BG: Mmmmm! Salty!

  24. PCFDPGrey says:

    BM: Damnit, Bulletgirl; when I said “Fire me, boy!” I didn’t mean to light my “boys” on fire!

    BG: But, I was just following Chef’s recipe for his chocolate salty balls…

  25. Hakoon1 says:

    1) BM: Quick Bulletgirl! The hostages are in danger!
    BG: Sshhh…there’s a Ninja tank over there…

  26. Frankie says:

    Bulletman: “Damnit, Susan! I can’t believe you let a tank run over Bulletdog.”

    Bulletgirl: “But it just came out of nowhere. Look! It’s gone already.”

  27. Frankie says:

    Bulletman: “Two bulletcars in every bullethouse. Bulletequality for every bulletman, woman and bulletchild. Bulletgifts under the bullettree. And soon the world will be my bullet. Bullet.”

    Bulletgirl: “Oh my. Jim, enough with the crazy bullet talk. You need to call the tv repairman before I miss the next episode of Southland Bullets.”

  28. Frankie says:

    BM: “Bulletgirl! Thank heavens. Snickerdoodle super glued my fist to my palm. I won’t be able to remove my helmut.”

    BG: “(gasp) Bulletdog! Quick, fetch the disintigration ray, or I’ll never be able to see my boyfriend’s face again.”

  29. TheNate says:

    BM: Then they grind the bugs to make dye.

    BG: Oh. That’s why lipstick is red.

    (NOTE: This is the truth:

  30. TheNate says:

    BM: “Jeff Herbert is mocking us? I’ll moidelize him!”

    BG: “Shhh! I think he’s just outside this panel.”

  31. Jake says:

    Entry 1:
    BM: “So honey, what do you say tonight you ‘bite the bullet’?”
    BG: “Last time, I chipped my tooth.”

  32. Loki says:

    so far, so good!

  33. Bael says:

    BM: Like this, see? Works every time.
    BG: I don’t know. Are you sure that’s how to perform CPR?

  34. Patrick says:

    BM: … and so we could call ourselves Mulletman and Mulletgirl! What do you think?

    BG: See this expression? Out! Now!

  35. BM: You did say *anything*. And the women in the video looked like they were having fun…

    BG: …Look, a distraction!

  36. Tim says:

    BM: Alright Susan, we’ll flank the bank robbers through the back…ah, you’re not listening to me are you?

    BG: Is there something in my teeth?

  37. NGpm says:

    BM: The line must be drawn here!
    BG: Why not over there?
    BM: Quick Bulletgirl, to the Bulletcave to get our Bulletguns!
    BG: Okay but shouldn’t we go over there and get our Bulletbullets first?
    BM: … then I should’ve pounded that big lummox into paste!
    BG: Um, Bulletman, the big lummox is right over there.

    There’s just something amusing about abbreviating Bulletman that way … something very third grade about the whole thing.

  38. MartianBlue says:

    BM: NO! I already told you Bulletgirl, we’re here to work, not shop!
    BG: But Bulletman, they’ve got Mink Stoles, and they’re on sale.

  39. MartianBlue says:

    BM: And so, we’ll . . .
    BG: Ummm. Why are we having this converstaion here? There’s a roof top right over there.

  40. D says:

    BM: I really wish we had cups and saucers!

    BG: Oh, sorry! I forgot to tell you. I bought new ones the other day, and I put them in that cupboard… At least, I think I did.

    BM: I must find my athletic support!

    BG: *sigh* Dear, it’s on your head.

    BG: Oh my god! I thought I saw something over there, but I can’t tell what it is! The damn illustrator didn’t draw this panel big enough! Oh, Jim! What shall we do?

    BM: I’ve got it! I’ll hit my hand with my fist while you point in a meaningless fashion!

  41. Connor S. says:

    BM: Speak Bulletgirl! Oh wait nevermind. Ok, 1 word, far away, wait fly, no, finger!
    BG: Wow you’re so stupid!