Poll Position: Choose your real-life genre

A question for what kind of fantasy life you'd most like to be in:


Note that this isn't the kind of story you like the most necessarily, but which sort of world you'd actually want to live in. Discussion to follow ...

So, our choices are:

  • Adventure comics: Rather than running around in spandex and a cape, these stories involve more jodhpurs and Colt .45 revolvers, giant man-eating apes, and jungle rescues of forgotten tribe princesses. I think these sorts of adventures are too close to reality, while not having a big enough pay-off, for me to want to live as an actual person. I'd much rather watch Indiana Jones race through a temple filled with spiders and snakes than do it myself.
  • Fantasy comics: I did love "Warlord" and "Conan" comics as a kid, and the idea of being a big-thewed barbarian sword-slinger or a sinister magic-user is very appealing. I'd need to be in a more refined universe than Conan's though, or at least be one of the well-off. The problem with medieval-style fantasy settings is the crappy life of your average person. Very tempting though, for the chainmail bikinis if nothing else. Speaking of which, damn that must pinch in some very uncomfortable places ...
  • "Funny animal" comics: Only if I get to be Bugs Bunny. If I could be Bugs Bunny, that would be totally awesome. Aside from kissing a cross-dressing Elmer Fudd, of course. Or having to cross-dress in order to be kissed by him. Either way, that would suck, but the Daffy Duck torture possibilities would hook me for sure.
  • Horror comics: I'll be honest, I don't really get the appeal of horror fiction. Just not my bag.
  • Mecha comics: Giant robots you can climb into in order to shoot at other giant robots, though -- sign me up.
  • Romance comics: Um, no. This is a sub-genre that thankfully has stayed dead, and should remain so.
  • Sci-fi comics: I love sci-fi, probably because I am cursed with the hope that the future will be better than the present. With my luck, of course, I'd end up as Soylent Green instead of Captain Kirk.
  • Sports comics: We don't get a lot of this in the US, but I've leafed through some British sports comics and they're pretty fun. I like the idea of being a successful, rich, popular professional athlete in a world pretty much like this one ... yeah, I could do that.
  • Super-hero comics: As much as I love super-hero comics, I don't think I'd really want to be in that world. We're always getting invaded, you're at constant risk of some flying muscle-bound idiot getting flung into the building you're passing by, and you never know when your parents are going to be revealed as secret Skrull agents. Too much bad stuff happening all the way around for me.

So boring as it is, at this stage in my decrepitude, I would probably go for sports comics.

Which would you choose?