Character Contest 21: Randomawesity

Random is not just a by-word here at HeroMachine Global Headquarters, it's a way of life. To honor that commitment, your challenge this week is to design a character from the name given you by the "Ultimate Game Name Generator" . You can try multiple times for a good name, but you have to use one given by them.

I of course have no way to detect cheating so we will be operating under the confines of the Honor System. Cheaters will be beaten with a wet noodle til collapse. Of the cheater, not the noodle because come on, how long would that take?

So, on to our rules!

  • New characters only, not one you have laying around that you think will definitely win.
  • Character must be built to fit with the name generated by the "Ultimate Game Name Generator", and the name must be provided in the post.
  • All entries must be made as comments to this post, between now and next Tuesday, each comment containing a link to an image of the character (or multiple links to your multiple characters) hosted on a publicly accessible web site like ImageShack, the UGO Forums, PhotoBucket, or whatever.

That's it! No limit on the number of entries this week, so let 'em rip. It would also be fun to see in your post which settings were used to generate the name, although that's not a requirement.

Whoever has the best entry as judged by the capricious whim of Jeff Hebert will win either a portrait of their head or any item they choose, to be included in the final HeroMachine 3 program.

Good luck everyone!