Thundering manpower

Imagine a comics panel. You've got a dramatic visual layout, the brightly-colored and powerfully muscled Bulletman barreling into hapless thugs with lowered shoulder. A vigorous starburst explosion heightens the impact of the crash, separating men from hats and setting limbs akimbo, thugs flying. A simple black and white divider in the background enhances the tension.

Meanwhile the caption at the top spells out what we're seeing, employing powerful words like "fury", "thundering manpower", and "hammer". All of which sets us up nicely for the ensuing onomontoPOWia. Perhaps a WHAM or the traditional POW? Or, more daringly, a BOOM or SHA-KOOOM?


No. Oh no. Because in a world with ninja tanks and villains slapped silly, a world where the two most powerful heroes get flung around the skies by their necks, limbs flapping like chickens spun at the end of a farmer's arm, "thundering manpower" goes "POOOOFF".