Random Panel: Why print is dead


(From -- you guessed it -- "Bulletman" number 5, 1941.)

4 Responses to Random Panel: Why print is dead

  1. kingmonkey says:

    You, sir, are not the kind of go-getter we want as a paperboy for the Evening Star.

  2. Jose Inoa says:

    Paperboy! Hah! 🙂


    Oh, no! It just clicked that the dude offering murder to Eric Black is wearing a pointy hat!


  3. cavalier says:

    I realize it’s suppose to be the wizardish dude from the other panel, but the silhouette looks like a Klansman.

  4. Gero says:

    This reminds me of the recent story out of South America, about a TV reporter who was paying people to commit murders and such so he could prove that the city he was in was as dangerous as he reported it was…