HeroMachine and Michael Freaking Chabon

How utterly cool! In this New York Times "Style" section article, Michael Chabon (author of 2001's Pulitzer-winning “Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay,” which is a fictionalized account of the start of the super-hero comic business and a fantastic read) is described thusly:

On a recent day, Mr. Chabon scrambled to depart for the airport while the two youngest children busied themselves on HeroMachine, a software program that lets users build their own superheroes. Abe triumphantly held up a printout of a muscled hero who borrows superpowers from animals. “Look,” he said, “Animal man can take power from a seagull and fly.”

How cool is that?! Wow. I might've gotten slaughtered in my fantasy football league today, but this helps make up for it. I loved that book and to know the guy's kids are out there having fun with something I created ... wow. That's a pretty good feeling.