Poll Position: The finest of them all

We did this a couple of weeks ago with Marvel characters, but of course the DC Universe is quite different. So here goes:


Discussion after the jump.

I'm pretty wiped out after my trip, so please forgive me if I jump right in.

  • Aquaman: Because sometimes it's nice to be the Main Guy on the team, and there's no one like Aquaman to guarantee that the Main Guy will be YOU.
  • Batman: The exact opposite of the Aquaman choice, there's no better way to guarantee that you will NOT be the Main Guy than pairing with Batman. On the other hand, odds are very good that you will come out of whatever the situation is, alive. So that's nice. Of course, the odds are ALSO very good that you will come out of whatever the situation is with your testicles kicked into your hat by Batman. So that's not so nice.
  • Flash: Assuming this is the wisecracking "JLA Animated" version, he'd be fun to hang out with. His ability to vibrate through walls would be handy in a ninja-type way, too. Sadly his propensity to get knocked out by debris that is a bazillion times slower than him is distressing.
  • Martian Manhunter: I've always felt like J'Onn was one of the most underappreciated major characters out there. He's got an enormous range of powers of a very high level, including most of Superman's portfolio and a nice smattering of psionic ability to boot. His versatility would be great no matter what situation you find yourself in. You just better hope your opponent isn't armed with a Bic lighter, that's all.
  • Mister Miracle: I'd say there's a better than even chance I'd be getting my ass kicked in any super-hero type fight, and in that case, I'd want a partner who could get me the heck out of Dodge, stat. And no one is better for that than Mister Miracle.
  • Superman: Come on, he's freaking Superman. On the downside, you'd be about as necessary as a Jazzercise DVD on the Donner Expedition.
  • Wendy and/or Marvin: I would totally choose them just so I could lead them into a situation where they could be killed. Messily.
  • Wonder Woman: Superman's powers, with boobs. Cha-ching! OK, no, seriously -- she's awesome. Great powers, let's-kick-ass attitude, and the ever-present chance she'll use that lasso to tie you up and have her way with you. What am I, eleven years old?!

So, in my post-trip fog of exhaustion, I am going to go with ... OK, if I'm being serious (ha!) I'd go with Martian Manhunter. The versatility is just too hard to beat. But if I'm going for fun, I'd choose Wonder Woman, because she's so tough she could handle anything we'd face on her own, giving me plenty of time to try and convince her to go on a date with me.

But we all know those are both bad answers, because any self-respecting lover of super-hero stuff would choose Wendy and Marvin in a heartbeat, just for the chance to send them to a messy, fiery death.

So who would you choose?