HM3: Pistol whippery

I've just updated the HeroMachine 3 Alpha with the ItemRight-Pistols set of items for your shooting pleasure. This includes all of the one-handed firearms from HM2.5 (I hope) and some new ones, too, for a total of 32 complete items. Most of those are further broken down into separate stock and barrel items as well, plus a scope and a silencer at the end of the set, for a grand total of 84 selectable choices. Here are the assembled ones:


As a bonus, here are the HM2 items alongside their new 3.0a counterparts. The difference is, I think, striking:


Hope you like them! Please let me know in comments if you run into any weird bugs, or if something's missing that you were really hoping for.

Also, please post in comments what you'd like me to work on next. When I return from DragonCon I'll pick a set and get your specific requests for whatever it is.