Poll Position: BSFF

Our Poll Position for the week involves Best Super Friends Forever:


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The key to the super-hero friendship is that the other buddy can't also be super. Granted, Jimmy Olsen found himself with every power from Superman's own to Elastic Lad stuff, but those weren't the norm. I can't think of another relationship quite like it in comics, except for Rick Jones and The Incredible Hulk, so let's take a look at the various possibilities for being a super-guy's super-friend withOUT having to strap on tights yourself.

  • Batman: Being friends with Bruce Wayne would rock, because he's a) rich and b) a playboy. Both key elements when considering a buddy. Being friends with BATMAN, however, would suck. As a non-super buddy, you'd be in constant danger from your pal's enemies. When you're talking about the inept Lex Luthor ("I'm bald and that makes me grumpy!") or Toy Man, big deal. When you're dealing with psychopaths like The Joker and Scarecrow, though, that starts getting a little spooky. Odds are you'd end up Buddy Kabobs before too long. Highly risky.
  • Captain America: I'm sure Steve Rogers is a nice enough guy, but his Cap identity has completely bled into his "normal" persona. He's the kind of "friend" who would totally turn you into the cops for jaywalking, and really, who needs that?
  • Han Solo: Granted Han isn't a classic "super hero", but he hangs out with a Jedi, a Wookie, and a Princess, so he's darn close. Han's a guy you could really hang out with, drinking ale and swapping lies while you hit on the waitresses at the cantina. Of course he'd stick you with the bill and probably get you arrested on multiple occasions, so you have to weigh the options here.
  • Harry Potter: On the one hand, totally cool magical powers. On the other hand, hunted by evil guys with magical powers. Plus he has a girlfriend now, so odds are he'd not even let you come over to play with his Wii any more.
  • Hellboy: Now we're talking! No regular chicks to get in the way most of the time, unlimited government budget for toys and gizmos, the ability to kick the ass of anyone who messes with you and a complete lack of concern about doing it. Loves beer and cigars and would be an absolute kick in the pants to hang out with.
  • Iron Man: Rich and a playboy like Bruce Wayne, but -- bonus! -- it's not just an act. He really LIKES being a playboy. Plus he has all those marvelous TOYS.
  • Spider-Man: Perpetually broke, constantly in trouble, everlasting loser. Why would I want one of those kind of guys as a friend when I already have all that covered on my own?
  • Wolverine: Logan would be a strong and true friend, but he strikes me as the type who's a loner because most of his friends end up dead. Urk.
  • Wonder Woman: Let's be honest, she's the kind of friend we've all had way too many times in the past -- we love her, we want her, but she just wants to be friends. Pass.

For me it comes down to Han Solo or Hellboy. And since I like the idea of zooming around the galaxy in a starship better than being chased through the sewers by Cthulu, I'll go with the smuggler.

What about you, who would you choose?